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I have a 2001, 5 speed Ford Ranger. The truck will not shift gears if i come to a stop and i try to put it into first gear it wont let me. I have the shut the truck off and then try to put it into gear. Some times it works other times it doesn't. Can someone please tell me what the problem is and a price on how much it will cost to fix it.
I'm finding it harder to shift the gears when I'm driving.
When I try to go even 30 - 40 it takes a minute and when I hit the gas it makes a loud wind noise as if im driving a diesel what could it be? my truck wont hold enough strength to get up a hill and its hard to go on the interstate.
Regardless of where the knob is, alli get is hot air. The A/C won't turn on either. Would that be the climate control module? Is there something I can look at myself to try to diagnose the issue?
I just need a ball park figure to see if I should get rid of truck
my truck can`t pass smog inspection due to 5 incomplete monitors finally complete all cycles and I turn engine off and the monitors there gone, is like memory on the CPM is no good. any suggestions on what the problem could be will be appreciated.
i removed crankshaft pulley to replace oil seal then found out there was no keyway...can't seem to get it timed correctly
The highest point leaves a two inches gap. On that point it makes a noise when the up button is engaged. Like the window is jammed.
alternater and it still won't start. Any ideas?
Have repaired numerous eletrical problems for state inspection.
When you turn the key on The brake failure light is suppose to flicker. Yet it will not
but have no check engine light on and no codes? replaced cam synchronize assembly, fuel filter,temp sensor. runs nice just misses under heavy load/acceleration and bucks occasionally. im so lost!!! please any ford guys must know what this is no check engine light or stored codes
My abs light is on and I notice that the truck makes a knocking sound when I turn from a stopped position The noise sounds like it is coming from the rear end but I'm not sure
i orderd upper ball joints and thats what i recieved but the videos i keep watching they are saying that the control arm and the ball joints are all peace .
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