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hesitation miss something at cold start and when load applied until 40 mph then smooths out any ideas as to what this would be have checked all vacuum sources and all plugs wires etc. are new?
Mechanic states common problem, easy fix but truck in shop for a week.driving it in a tight circle the noise seems to occur, on the road not so much
I have nothing else to put in this space
I unbuckle the cover but the line from the ac compressor is totally stopping me from removing the cover to replace the air filter. I can't believe I might have to go somewhere to have this done
What I have Done: Removed Both #1 Plugs -Crank is "Up"; Then, I took the Aux Shaft Sprocket so that the Nub was Up; The Crankshaft was inline with the Covers TDC mark... But When I cranked it (by hand) to see if it would return to TDC after 3-4 Revolutions, it was Retarded by about 10 Deg on the short side -up top on the Camshaft Crank.
I do NOT see ANY marks whatsoever on the Upper (Camshaft) pulley, and as for the Crankshaft, ALL I see is a 'Notch'...
I really need your advice --PLEASE!
Was driving when my timing belt broke and engine died. Does this mean my valve's are messed up due to belt braking???
It even burns after my 7 mile drive to work. It's really strong smelling and it smokes a little bit. It has been doing it since I bought it in May of 2013. Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? Really worried about it because it's getting worse.
My truck shakes slightly when I start it, mainly on cold days. Then while accelerating it seems to stutter, almost like I'm hitting the brakes real fast. The problem only occurs when accelerating, not in idle or while decelerating. I can't seem to find out the cause. I have no engine lights on either, very confused and scared that it may be something serious. Please help if you can.
brakes and wheel bearings have been replaced
new brakes and wheel bearings
this also feels like loss of power when down shifting at hwy speeds going up an incline or going into a headwind. then starts surging and feels like down shifting and upshifting. it stops when I accelerate hard then starts again when I shift out of passing gear. it runs find after road levels out. I don't show any diagnostics and had the trans rebuilt thinking that was the problem.still doing the same.really need some help thanks
there for a while it would crank if I stayed after it but even that doesn't. if i do it often enough it will activate my electric locks. I took starter and celenoid to auto parts store to have it tested. they tested fine there was a blown 30 amp fuse in the fuse box with all the relays in it.i replaced that .
Just started today. On for 5 miles, off for a few more, back on again, all while driving. Dash lights seem to be fading also. Any idea of cost for parts & labor if it is alternator?

Thanks all!
battery light stays on all the time. Car runs fine, how can i get it to go out.
replaced cat with bolt on walker. all 4-02 sensors. sparkplugs and wires. cleared code and it comes back after driving 25 miles.I bought code reader with live data . but not sure of readings. what should normal readings be
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