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Believe it is a fuel issue. Replaced pump and filter; turns over when gas poured in engine, but then cuts off. Currently tracing flow from tank to engine. Truck sat for 4 months after replacing pump. Was able to get it running for about a week, but would cut off occassionally if I let off accelerator completely.
for the past few months it has been difficult to get the truck to start unless the gear is in the proper location with the gear shifter,,,,,,now, it will not even start while it is in neutral, any suggestions?
if i unplug the idle air control valve it dose not do it
doesnt loss power always but is doing it more often. almost seems like its about to die if going up a hill.
motor idles fine but cuts out as soon as I give it gas. It doesn't go dead but rev.s up again to idle. the tachometer goes up & down like its an electrical problem as it cuts out. does a '92 ranger have a diagnostic port? If so where is it
A little while ago, the rear antilock brake light came on. I'll start the truck with my foot on the pedal,and as long as my foot is on the pedal, the light is off. As soon as the pedal is released, the light comes on and stays on permenantly.

Parts replaced so far:
* Abs sensor in rear differential
* bled brake fluid from all four wheels

So my question is whethere there is something else I need to bleed at the regulator or the abs pump thing? I'm praying that it's not the regulator or the computer controlled thing. Has anyone else had this problem? I also noticed a single drop of brake fluid coming out of a rubber plug on the rear of the regulator (the thing under the driver side attached to the chassis, in case I got the name wrong). Nothing else was oily, just a stationary drop hanging out there.
Where is the door switch?
it must be electrical because the tachometer goes to zero when it cuts out. I don't even know what to check. it will idle fine,until I give it gas.
I start it up and it will rev up and die, over & over. as soon as i give it some gas it dies. the tach. needle will go to nothing. it's got to be electrical
i have the fan, radiator, alternator, and alternator mounting bracket off, and cant figure out what else to take off
I would like my fog lights to stay on with my brights so that I can actually see. I've replaced my headlights and it isn't enough light. Any chance someone could tell me what I could do? Any help is appreciated!!
Like the engine or the compressor is going to quit running
I have a 2000 ford ranger 3.0l flex fuel v6. The truck sat for 2 years. I got it back on the road and it hasn't ran right since. I replaced the fuel pump, battery, fuel filter, distributor, spark plugs, oil and oil filter, checked the fuel injectors and I rings for damage or deterioration. The engine shakes a lot, the check engine light is on, and acceleration and power have seemed to have dropped tremendously. None of the parts I replaced made a difference, besides the fuel pump and battery obviously, so it would start. What else can I do to get it running right again? I've already ran more than 20 gallons through the gas tank and I went to auto zone and they said that the truck wasn't reading any codes. Not because everything was good, but because my truck wouldn't even power the device to give it a code.
I am replacing the doors on my Ranger, they are damaged. I have purchased both new/used doors, but they have power windows and I want to make them manual. How do I go about doing that?
I have abs brake lite on,and another brake lite on, and air bag lite on, battery is good do I need To clear some codes for it to start?

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