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the check engine light came on had it checked out said that the cam position sensor was bad changed sensor and syncronizer 3 days after the light came back with the same code

It goes off anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after the truck is locked with the remote .

I recently started having trouble with my lovely Ford Ranger! I started noticing that I wasnt getting ANY heat. Only cold air is blowing out. Then the temp would shoot up above the RED ZONE. and drop back down to normal as I was driving. Then the heat would come and go as it pleases. Then The other day I was driving and the Temp Gage went above the RED ZONE again and my truck started making a loud noise and sputtering like it would stall. I couldnt press on the gas, so I would have to pull over and turn off the truck for a few minutes. The temperature gage causes the CHECK GAGE light to turn on when its in the RED ZONE. I have tried blowing the hot air up (actually cold air coming out) and the temp didnt fluctuate up or down. Blowing the cool air doesnt help either. The oil temp is fine, my batter is fine. We have changed the thermostat inside the truck and its still doing the same thing. All my liquids are fine as well. These are all my symptoms hopefully someone can help!

The code for my CEL is "P0420 Catalyst efficiency below threshold (Bank 1)" can anyone tell me what this means? Many thanks.

the lights on the instument panel are out. The fuses dont look to be burnt out and I replaced the ones for that area and it didn't fix the problem. I still don't have dashboard lights. What else should I check???

does a check engine light automatically come on at 180000

The cam shaft sensor on my 1998 ford ranger with a 4.0L efi, wore out to the point it fell apart, and destroyed the shaft. I purchased a new Sensor and shaft. Could someone kindly walk me through the steps to re-time this engine.

the 4 wheel drive will not engage some times. the dash light blinks 9 or 12 times on the 4 wheel drive.

While in drive with the O/D on and in motion, at random times the O/D light flashes on and off and the engine sounds as if it is running extremely rough. I am usually doing about 40-45 mph at the time. When I stop and put it park and then in drive again, there are no problems. I would appreciate any and all responses.

how much does this part cost?and how do I go about replacing it?and what tools do I need for the job?

I have already asked and been given an answer, but I've attempted what was told to me to do, and am still unsuccessful. ALL I want to do, Please God!, is to change the gear shift knob. It is pressed on-does not unscrew. Apparently I need someone to go step by step, otherwise it ain't happening.

gauge say motor is overheating pull over and the temp goes back to normal right away

I was looking for a water leak,when I Crank the truck I seen water shouting out of the intake

Turn ignition key to start and starter engages. Engine will crank once, then starter just spins. Starter checked OK at auto parts store.

how to install sprak plug wire

it started a few days ago. my truck keeps bucking so i tried putting lucas fuel injector cleaner in my gas tank and it still does it. i also changed the oil now my check engine light is on?

I would like to know proceder to replace injectors

Replaced battery but still no power, nothing. Could it be the wiring, a fuse or the keyswitch?

i need help replaceing my water pump

Heater will not provide heat. It takes 25 minutes to get heat in vehicle.

After the engine warms up and i am under moderate to heavy acceleration, such as getting on the freeway, or accelerating from very low RPM's I get a what sounds like a mechanical rattle or clatter from the engine. I have checked the oil and only run brand name correct rated octabe fuel. the truck only has 56k on the motor and a brand new transmission. Does anyone have an idea what may be the cause?

My 1999 ford ranger is having some problems but I do not know what to do or how much it will cost. When you look at the left side of my gauges, my gas gauage works but it doesn't light up like the right side.

Also the ac plug in ( where you plug in cell phone car chargers ) doesn't work either. When auto zone uses the check engine light plug in thing they have it won't work either because a fuse is out or something.

Any ideas? and how much do you think it will cost to fix/

is there a certain way that the front hub is suppose to be put on after the tire is on. My 4 wheel drive wont stay engauged when i push the 4 wheel button on it will engauge and disengauge while in motion and it makes a loud bang sound ONLY when im tryin to use 4 wheel drive... WHY???????

Do any major components have to be removed to replace the clutch slave cylinder on a 2003 Ford Ranger with a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine.

how hard is it to replace the upper and lower ball joints?

how hard is it to replace front sway bar? i get the bolts on the frame but not the part where it goes to the axle.

After I replace the sensor, there was a lot of dirt inside, now it will lurch when I give it gas or let off, I don,t think there is any adjustment after I replaced it, is there.

What is the cost to replace ball joints

the engine runs fine but it wont warm up new thermostat new radiator