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like I start off in second and no o/d its an 03 ford ranger 3.o 2 wheel drive. I have tested the solenoids they test good but the number 4 stays close then opens when powered been at this for a couple weeks any help please and thank u
severe miss no power under acceleration.
while driving it will unexpectedly come on?
The truck is a 4x4 with 210000 miles on it. I crawled under the truck and checked that front drive shaft is not engaged. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
ive replaced headlight switch the multi sswitch and relay
I've change the filter the pump is good new relay and I'm getting fire and good flow but it wont start I was squirting gas into the throttle and it would start but now that's not even working
changed fuel filter-mass air flow-purge-trans speed-plug wires-replaced cracked vac fittings
Has new plugs, wires, coils, ICM, ECM, harmonic balancer pulley, new T-belt and crank sensor. Repaired/replaced vacuum lines. Smells a little rich at idle, at times, MPG is solid @ 24 mpg, mostly hiway 12 mile range to work.
need help pretty bad.
it happens all the time never idles down. i installed the same size motor out of a 96 explorer.
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