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Buzzing sound near inner fuse box. Truck WILL start.what's wrong
So my mechanic has changed plugs, wires, tested coil with new coil, installed fuel injectors, and has current at them. Still misfiring at 5 and 6 sometimes at 2 also. Started at 4 only now 4 ok the rest as I explained. Anymore ideas. He is looking into some switch /sensor on transmission now.??Any ideas.
when driving also it wont go past 4000 rpms and hard to hit 65 mph
I have bought 5 alternator's and a new battery and checked fuses and still yet the alternator does not work. Been broke down twiced along side of road and I am getting very angry about this truck. This has been going on for 3 months now.
Fluid changed at 60000 miles,failed instantly without warning is this common?
Can I put like 2010 or 2012 engine in a 2008 Ford ranger. Like will everything line up. I would like to get a newer engine with low mileage if I can to replace the old one.
I already put 350$ part rebuilt my transmission stick shift and reverse light wont come on when i put in reverse nothing but it will go backwards but light wont come on have any idea? Im not going take transmission out aging no away. It all new put in. And i put new reverse light on it and still nothing i check it with volt tester said nothing
after replacing the fuel pump and coil pack now the truck this pens over I'm wondering could it be the crankshaft sensor
it will run for a while and then it will shut off you wait a while it will start back up I have change the coil pack and fuel pump now it will not fire at all or crank and my check engine light is now coming on
when i try to switch it back to 2wd it wont recognize that its in 2wd so it stays in 4wd lo how do i fix this please help me ASAP i start my new job tomorrow and need my truck :(
Also had the seal on transmission pan replaced. With 52000 miles now I need to replace hoses, belts, have tuneup, etc. to keep truck in good order. Should I worry about these seals having to be replaced again or should I consider replacing with a newer model truck?
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