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from about 5 to 15 mph there is something making the whole truck shake big time. It seems like something with the tranny and its not the u joints. Any suggestions?

ck com. good. ck ing. inj.good. missing on #2 cyc.plug wires new,spark plugs is correct.engine has eight plugs

how do i fix a lower radiator hose the trouble just started not long ago.

how do i fix this? wont go out

od switch quit about a weak ago need it bad checked it out and it is the switch but dont know how to change it can any one help thanks also my mileage quit speed works are there two sensor on the tran if so were

i have a ford ranger 4 door 3.0 i have to cycle the key 4-5 time to start it
i have replaced the fuel damper part # YL8Z*9F775*AA and it didnt work. then ford parts dept gave me the other part # XL 5E-9F775-AB That didnt work, the fuel pressure is 65 ru

Mechanic replaced valve cover gasket, upper intake gasket, oil pan gasket, and rear main seal. Still leaks. Redid the work 3 times, using Ford parts last time. what else can it be?

What is repair cost to replace parking brake cable and automatic trans. shifter cable?

engine runs fine for a few minutes longer it runs the rougher it gets local mechanic run a wet compression test 2 cylinders weak if compression is bad shouldn't it be at all times engine has 70000 miles. Thanks

what would make my headlights start flashing after about 15 minutes

My wife has lost the keys to my truck. The dealership says i will have to tow it up there and they can have a new one made for around 120.00 dollars. It has a chip. Would it be easier for me to put a new ignition switch in myself or would i run into more problems such as airbag etc.Towing and labor will be close to 200.00.Thats crazy. Any options or ideas would be appreciated.

My truck makes a ticking sound under the dash when I apply the brakes. Been told this could be my brake sensor. Where is sensor located and what purpose does it serve as far as the brakes are concerned?


When the brake pedal is stepped on the rear brake lights come on for less than a second and then go off while still holding down the pedal. HELP

what fuse and where located for brake lights

The gear selector won't go into park on the steering column
how to change out the steering column? 72635 this problem started 4-18-11

mileage dont work anymore it just quit been working fine

turns over but no spark to plugs

My 2003 Ford Ranger has about 82000 miles and has stalled out 4 times the past week. Three times in one day, twice while driving and once while trying to start. I can feel the engine start to rumble for a few seconds before it finally shuts off and I have to press the fuel reset switch to get it to start. Anyone have any ideas of what the cause of this issue could be? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Recently have become aware of knocking noise coming from left (driver's) side of engine. Oil level is fine; no leaks or any other issues. when idleed up it stops, no loss of power, good oil pressure.

OK after hearing exhaust system plugged by several people im inclined to think its my cat.converter.Whats the best way to clean it out.Do I have to drop it or can i do it while its still on the truck. Thanks for the feedback.

When I give my truck gas it boggs down.I can barely get it over 30mph. Just replaced the plugs and it idles great,but give any gas and it simply boggs down and simply loses power.

Engine on any throttle postion screaming( Vacume Reed Sound)
Mis fire codes #4,5 &6 Cylinder.
Sprayed berrymans B12 around all areas of intake wuth no change in sound or run??

I did a compression test and got two low readings one on each side and directly opposite of each other. what is the cause?

when its in gear it will go up to 4500 rpm,s before it will start cutting can push the gas pedal to the floor and it will continue to cut out untill you let upon the pedal

just got the truck 3 months ago it work now it dosnt work can,nt fine fuse for it can any one help me thanks

Occasionally with the engine warm, it will start and immediately die. If moved backward in neutral, about one truck length, or if left sitting 2-3 hours, it will start rite up and run great. Happens with no warning. Have replaced the fuel filter, pump relay and TPS. Bewildered...

misses after starting smoothes out after a few min. warming up . then under even a light load cutts out the more throtle the more it cuts out it's went from 20 miles per. gallon down to 12

A few weeks ago I had my truck in the shop due to an engine miss. They replaced the plugs, wires and fuel filter. The truck ran great for a few days and now it's doing the same thing again. The check engine light had come on before it went to the shop, but has'nt come on this time around. What could be the problem with it? One person told me it could be a bad catalytic converter and another says the EGR Valve could be bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated by me.

on my 1999 ford ranger 2 weel drive heard a banging when i started to pull forward climbed under truck and found what looks like a 4'' pice of pipe on the front of the drive shaft is loose seems to be some kind of guard ? can any one tell me what this is and what i need to do to fix it