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my truck has been leaking coolant for some time now. the mechanic that told me about it said that he couldnt see any visible leaks. i assumed it was the intake gaskets because the coolant was sitting on top of my head. after i had the intake gaskets replaced it still leaked. well recently now the engine light came on and started blinking, i lost power to the as if it was fighting for fuel but yet i have full tank. i have a massive cloud of white smoke that comes out of my exhaust. also my coolant reservoir bubbles when the engine gets hot. i had it pressure tested and the test did turn yellow is there any way to guarantee that its a blown gasket, or a cracked head. and is it possible for it to be a cracked block.
No power to fuel pump.
I went in for an alignment and was told that they wont warrant it because it needs a rack and pinion. I feel no symptoms of it needing one.
Truck runs great but I have problems with it cranking multiple times before it will fire. When it finally fires, I have to give it gas to keep it from stalling and dying for a few minutes and then it will idle normal. Replaced everything from the fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, injectors, plugs, wires, coil pack, all new gaskets from lower intake up, IAC valve, DPFE Sensor, battery, alternator, CPS Sensor, Crankshaft Positioning Sensor, TPS Sensor, MAF Sensor, Air plenum, EGR Valve and Pipe. Easier list of what I haven't replaced. Need help on figuring this out. 3 last things im leaning towards is Harmonic Balancer, Camshaft Synchronizer or Starter. Also completely ohm'ed everything out and it all checks out, have 35-40 psi at the shrader valve, and compression check went good. This starting issue happens almost everytime I try to start the truck cold or hot. Every now and again I will get lucky and it will fire the first time. Please Help!
I was driving home and truck died while doing 70mph. I had just replaced the icm, plugs wires and plugs. I bought a new ICM. but then noticed the plug wire resting on manifold melted in two. What did I mess up???
The truck just died going down the road. I replaced the ICM again. After that I seen the plug wire had been melted through. What did I damage????
No previous warning signals before this problem manifested itself. With the gas pedal floored, the engines surges but does not die.
what is the average cost of repair
In warm weather the truck starts fine , every time. Cooler weather, periodically hard to start. Usually have to cycle key 5 or more times to start. Once started idles and runs fine. No codes, no warning lights. Sometimes will crank after cycling and run rough for a few seconds then runs out fine.
these lights have never worked and i dont know what they are for
its fireing, and has the right fuel presser,,,but will not start,,,,whats wrong
Truck will only start when I put jumper cables on it but the battery is fine. Now the battery gauge needle is up on H too. I checked fuses and they are good, what could be causing this?
I put new timing belt on it ( still backfiring most time in past) and reduced backfire put new wires and spark plug and air filter. And i cant find anything helpful hints. I try speed up but it left like so heavily get up and go in 3 gear above. I already rbuild transmission stick shift and still no different and shop check my muffled and said it fine not problems but got be somewhere it not putting more power into it?
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