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I had my vehicle in 4 wheel low and when I pulled on to the pavement and was getting ready to place into 2 wheel I heard a loud noise. Then I tried to shift out of 4 wheel low and it would not do so. Can I have a problem with the front differential? I did eventually get it into 2 wheel but there must be something wrong here.

Air Bag light flashes, code 27.

Air Bag light flashes. Diagnostic code 27.

at around 55-60 motor feels like it turn off like a miss very fast. i dont feel it at any other time.takeing off or passing it's ok. wires-coil pack-plugs-air filter has been replaced. it has 234.000 on it

Really only want to change the idler pully only but thought I would replace the belt at the same time. How much am I looking to spend at the service station for both repairs?

The heater is always working, am constantly getting heat.

When at idle, either parked are at a stop, AC/Heater seems to cause excessive drag on engine. Not really noticable while driving. Air/heat still seems to work fine otherwise. Could this be my compressor seizing up/failing?

when driving between 30 and 40 mph there is a surge. I replaced the EGR but still has problem. Mechanic seems to think it may be the tourque converter since the trany fluid has not been replaced for 75000 miles. Check engine is on but I think it is the mas air senser (goes out after cleaning but comes back on). The code says lack of vacume to EGR. how Do i check and what reading should i get?

Groaning coming from the rear of the truck when moving forward or backing, noise sounds like it's coming from the center. How much is this repair?

Neutral pressure switch (NPS) circuit failure/ Circuit open. What does that mean? where is it? how much for the part and can I do it myself. Thanks.

1991 ranger 4.0liter 4x4 Ignition profile pickup (PIP) circuit failure fault code came up...what is this? where is it located? and is it expensive.? Help please/

1991 ranger 4.0 liter 4x4 failure code is saying Canister Purge Circuit failure...where is it? how do I fix it? Price for part?

1991 ford ranger 4x4 4.0liter ran fault code tester and said mass airflow circuit below voltage. What does that mean? where is the sensor? and how do I fix it and is it expensive? HElp please. thanks

no brack light on my 1991 ford ranger . the wirs are good,bolbs to but it blows the fuse anly whin you step on the brack. turns dont work ether

where is the purge control valve on 2.3L

cannot find the pcv valve to replace.

Just bought this 1991 4.0 4x4 ranger and it grinds only when I shift into second gear. Not always but 7 out of 10 times it does. And I am not able to downshift into second either. What can the problem and be and what are the solutions? help please?

My rear antilock brakesdash light is on and I am not sure what to look for in what may be the prblem and what will be the please?

where is the oil prssure switch on a 97 ford ranger 2.3 engine and or sending unit

the truck stopped on the freeway while driving, pulled over and it started back up then stop running. The truck has oil in it. I kept the oil changed every 3 months. It still had oil in it when it stopped. When i changed the oil the mechanic said the knocking from the engine sounded like the valves or lifters. because the truck has over 100,000 miles i would usally put a thicker oil. but this time i think they put a lighter weight.when i turn the key now it only makes 1 click.


how to change slave cylinder inside transmission

from about 5 to 15 mph there is something making the whole truck shake big time. It seems like something with the tranny and its not the u joints. Any suggestions?

ck com. good. ck ing. inj.good. missing on #2 cyc.plug wires new,spark plugs is correct.engine has eight plugs

how do i fix a lower radiator hose the trouble just started not long ago.

how do i fix this? wont go out

od switch quit about a weak ago need it bad checked it out and it is the switch but dont know how to change it can any one help thanks also my mileage quit speed works are there two sensor on the tran if so were

i have a ford ranger 4 door 3.0 i have to cycle the key 4-5 time to start it
i have replaced the fuel damper part # YL8Z*9F775*AA and it didnt work. then ford parts dept gave me the other part # XL 5E-9F775-AB That didnt work, the fuel pressure is 65 ru

Mechanic replaced valve cover gasket, upper intake gasket, oil pan gasket, and rear main seal. Still leaks. Redid the work 3 times, using Ford parts last time. what else can it be?

What is repair cost to replace parking brake cable and automatic trans. shifter cable?