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the light works fine and the passenger side is fine their is a crack in the bumper that happened before i bought her
car has performed perfect now problems, just shut it off and the next morning tried to start it and let it warm up would not start. engine turns over just fine,seems as though it is not firing.
it use to start fine, but then i had to pump the clutch a few times before it would start,so i replaced the clutch master cylinder and bleed it like crazy but now even pumping the clutch don't work, what could it be, i replaced the starter about 8 months ago.
It's a Mitsubishi 16 valve ohc
it was pouring down i drove home with no wipers no heater no radio and no eletric windows when i got home turned ignition off and back on again and everything worked again but the engine would,nt turnover not even a click absolutely baffled me. any ideas what it could be thanks
Bought a ford probe not running. Guy we bought it from thought it was the distributer cap and rotor so we replaced those two. We also replaced the crank shaft position sensor and we have a fat spark so we know its not the sensor. There is pressure in the fuel line so we don't think its a fuel problem. Spark plugs were also replaced. We are exasperated with this car. Any help?
seems to have good throttle response for first 5 to 7 minutes, then gradual loss of power through rpm range. after 8 minutes, car starts to idle rough, and a hesitation/miss develops on quick, hard acceleration, followed by engine stall. the fuel filter has been replaced, and the catalyitic converter is missing. there is no check engine light visible....
replaced battery and connectors and still no power at all
They checked all but the injectors they say a lot fuel going out the exhaust pipe
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