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My speedometer on my car is bouncing around and when I step on the gas my car doesn't seem to do anything. When I'm driving at a lower speed it's fine. But when I try to pick up speed it doesn't work.
Jus need to k ow before i take off with
Looking for the location of the orifice tube.
I just need the top replaced after it was slashed apparently with a knife. The existing rear glass does not need to be replaced
the diagnostic codes showed miss fire on all cylinders but #2
need to where it is located and how to change it I know about the reset button in the truck
Have new battery alternator is good no codes but battery light still comes on and goes off every little bit of a time
I got trans service but not flushed repair shop recommend not to flush might cause more problems. p1700 code wont pass smog i hope its just the sensor, no reverse or drive but can use drive is i start in3 rd and shift easy and light on gas cant push on gas when in drive it slips,check engine lights on sometimes if i slip it flashes i pull over turn off and turn on and it s fine and a few months ago i had reverse and drive for a week or 2 untill i acidentlly pushed the gas and it slipped back
Will drive but it's hard to get up to 60
It's an automatic 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost I4. I enjoy the extra power sport+ gives but I hate shifting.
My son went to his car and the floors were soaked. Figured out it was the rain water plugs that were clogged (under the wipers). I fixed that issue but now the A/C won't turn on and it worked before. The A/C power lights come on inside the car but nothing happens...
do you know what might be the problem here?
It turns over and there is spark. Battery is charged, My fiance knows a lot about cars but he is stumped. He used either to try to help as well.
how to reset monitors while driving
What number on the fuse box is the brake light fuse
The Mustang is leaking from the back into where the radio system is so I had to get my amplifier fixed but there is a leak in the hood towards the back.
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