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Why does this stops my car from cranking when I turn my ignition switch on the car turns over but does not crank. How can I rectify this problem immediately
I was trying to install an after market stereo and had figured out which wires were which, then I cut and spliced as I needed them and no I tested again with the multimeter and found the wires had all switched to negative.I have no idea what happened or how to make them go back. HELP thanks
The dealership service dept checked out the car's suspension and said everything is fine, including the bushings and tie rod ends. They also said they couldn't get the car to creak, but it's very apparent when turning, especially to the left, but it also does it at times to the right. It also does it when backing up, but always when turning. I appreciate any ideas! The car has an extended warranty up to 100,000 miles, and it's at 97,000 now.
2002 convertiable with an optional radio disc player
Crank no start,theft light blinking rapidly nonstop, purchased car 1 mo. ago and been dead in driveway for over 2 weeks. Was only given one key w/a gigantic head that has a big battery cell in it. My 2000 mustang key has big head, but no battery and is about 50 percent shorter and the problem car's key has no chip that I can see.
cleared dtc,and it has not returned ....... is there still a chance I might have a bad MAFS? vehicle runs nicely .......
I noticed yesterday that I heard a "different" noise and it sounded deep like a thunk, sometimes when taking a right turn or going over a speed bump. Like something heavy is disconnected.
The fuel pump is good. The fuel filter is not clogged. It will try to crank and sometimes catch but act like it is not getting enough power to stay crunk but shuts off. As I was driving home one day it just shut off, no warning or nothing and have not been able to stay cranked since. Can you give me some advice?
I purchased 2 bulbs and cannot seem to figure out how to change them! The repair guy said the whole assembly may need to be replaced? The Manual indicates they are LED and should last the life of the car. I have full warranty coverage w/ 100 deductable. All other lights, turn signals, brake lights etc work. The left blinker was blinking very fast prior to this happening
We replaced the battery and the alternator, but the battery light still comes on, and after driving it for about a week the car loses charge and dies, but will start up just fine the next morning? Could this be a short in the wiring somewhere?
The fuel light comes on between 1/2 and 1/4 full. and says I have 6 miles to empty. I can fill up with just a few gals, so I know it is wrong, but I don't know if it will shut down or not. The repair shop cannot do anything about it unless they see it. I cannot get it to the shop at the correct time. Does anyone else have this problem? it is very upsetting.
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