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is there a printable guide to assist me to correctly and safely changing out my front in struts

All other lights work, including turn signals, emergency lights etc.
How ever, when I slightly press on my brake peddle, the breaks come on, yet if you press all the way down, they wont turn on, I need help fixing this because I can't afford take it to a dealership.

Oh, if this helps, my car is automatic.

My fuses are good,signal must not be getting to tach,is it possible to test the powertrain control module to see if its bad, or do i have to replace it altogether and see if that fixes the problem? Thanks!!!Any other suggestions would be welcomed.Cluster unit has been tested and everything works on it.

then heater blow warm air then the air turns cold then it warms up again.

How do you repair the Transmission Gear Position Indicator on a 1999 Ford Mustang Automatic?
What is the dealers cost for this repair?

my 1998 ford mustang does not want to start when it is cold outside, below 60 degrees. replaced the starter and the battery. what else could it be?

I just had my cluster unit repaired and all gauges worked when tested.After installing in my car everything works except my tach/rpm gauge,is this run seperately to something else and what should i check to fix the problem?Thanks!!!

Drivers side rear squeak when you hit bumps, push down on rear fender, squeak, how do I fix, Thanks !

The a/c blows out the defrost and heater vents

I went to the mall for an hour and i come back and my windows didn't work at all. no sound no nothing. I checked the fuses and they all seem to be good. I bought new motors but i don't know what is wrong.. Any help would be nice

My car takes along time to start. Cranking time is anywhere from 3 to 7 seconds. Doesn't matter cold or warm engine. Any ideas ??

They told me it's the exhaust or manifold

It vibrates while idiling and driving down the road its worse like the engine is going to fly apart. The guy who had it before i did ran it hot and said he did a head job on it, could something be warped and causing this problem?

When I try to start my car it won't turn over. The battery,alternator and starter have all been check for the good. When I take out my keys the odometer keeps flashing all kinds of strange numbers and ends up draining the battery. Until I get this figured out I haveto keep my battery disconnected to keep it charged. Does anyone know what could be wrong before I have it towed to the shop?

i have a hesitation or bucking when accelerating. if driving at steady speed is fine go tostep on peddle it bucks, let up and press slowly runs fine. changed new filters gas and air. can it put techron in gas and super unleaded in tank drove back and forth on highway but have same problem . can there be something with fuel pump. there are no codes and no lights on

The car will start and run great. the car will move in reverse only. If i put the car into drive it has no effect. Went out suddenly with no warning.. Any ideas what this could possible be? Will go into park, reverse, and neutral i think but none of the drive gears (drive, 2 or 1).

I have replaced the master cylinder in my 2006 stang 3 or 4 times now. The last one did not even make it out of the dealers parking lot before it failed. Is anyone else having these troubles. The car only has 32k on it.

95 mustang isnt firing out of two prongs on coil 3.8

I have a 07 mustang v6 the scanner gives me these codes p0175,and p2195. Both have to do with the o2 sensors which I have replaced all. I also replaced the MAF sensor too any ideas on what it could be. Any advice would be helpful thank you.

is AC not giving cold air due to leaking radiator and coolant?

engine light stays on.for last 2weeks.

My 07 vert isretaining water in the rear quarter panels. you can hear the water when you turn a corner. interior of the car is dry. the water eventually drains out.this never happened the first 3 years that I owned the car. Why is it retaining water now?

I just wanted to thank everyone who answered my questions. Your knowledge was invaluable. My daughter is going to college so I traded my stang in for a saturn vue. I miss my stang but the vue is great for my md/indiana treks.

It has been sitting for three years and i start it every once a while Just recently put new headers on it there has to be somethig wrong there is just no power in the car cant even smoke the tires what could be wrong

MY alarm just started doin this. it usually takes a hour and would crank right up, then it did it the next day and it still havent cranked up. its been two days without cranking. the doors just lock when i try and start the car. i tried disabling the brain of the alarm. but it jst dont make any sound then..i have a Clifford CZ57RRKO model me plzzzz

After locking the doors w/remote to set alarm with in 30 sec to a min the alarm goes off

tested code came up po113 open or short circiut,poor electrical connection or faulty iat sensor

if i disconnect mass air sensor and still have hesitation at top of peddle does this mean sensor is working and i should look to something else, any suggestions greatly appreciated

i asked the question a few weeks back about service light coming on after starting car and then noticed snow built up in engine compartment, was told to check air mass sensor. car runs smooth except for heitation at beginning of acceleration i disconnected sensor wire and still have same issue does this eliminate air mass sensor as problem

Aloud noise coming from underneath the car near engine. But the engine is running smoothly. I looks like a pipe
has dixconnected coming from the engine conecting to the
exhaust system. Can I repair the whole systenm connection?