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Flashing CAT and EVA what should I do next? What repair is necessary for my car to be ready?
This problem occurs when temperature is below freezing.
For the last couple months everytime I make a turn it would make a grinding and squeaking noise??? Other night I was going to the store and was going past a wreck and there was a dip on the other side and it sounded like I ran over something but I didn't. I turned into store and made a loud pop noise while turning and did not do it when I parked into a space but when I was asked to rurn my wheel to see if my tire was hitting anything he entire driver side dropped to the ground... I want to know how it happened and what needs to be fixed.... thank you
The break lights DO NOT WORK. I have already replaced the break light switch, the bulb, and the fuse. My blinkers do NOT work, and I do NOT have to put my foot on the break to which gears. Help (-_-)
I have always been puntual on my services and other maintanence issues, this has never happened before. Please let me know if this is a scam.
The car has 107,000 miles on it. I've had this issue for a while now. The ticking can clearly be heard with the windows down. The ticking seems to be a lot worse when the car is at operating temp. But sometimes when cold the engine might tick a little bit when fist started but will go away. but while driving lightly the tick comes at around 900 rpm or 1000. This happens everytime i drive the car
over and turn car off smoke was coming from hood and a lock symbol started flashing does this mean i locked my engine up? :(
Why does this stops my car from cranking when I turn my ignition switch on the car turns over but does not crank. How can I rectify this problem immediately
I was trying to install an after market stereo and had figured out which wires were which, then I cut and spliced as I needed them and no I tested again with the multimeter and found the wires had all switched to negative.I have no idea what happened or how to make them go back. HELP thanks
The dealership service dept checked out the car's suspension and said everything is fine, including the bushings and tie rod ends. They also said they couldn't get the car to creak, but it's very apparent when turning, especially to the left, but it also does it at times to the right. It also does it when backing up, but always when turning. I appreciate any ideas! The car has an extended warranty up to 100,000 miles, and it's at 97,000 now.
2002 convertiable with an optional radio disc player
Crank no start,theft light blinking rapidly nonstop, purchased car 1 mo. ago and been dead in driveway for over 2 weeks. Was only given one key w/a gigantic head that has a big battery cell in it. My 2000 mustang key has big head, but no battery and is about 50 percent shorter and the problem car's key has no chip that I can see.
cleared dtc,and it has not returned ....... is there still a chance I might have a bad MAFS? vehicle runs nicely .......
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