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my 93 mustang gt if i kill it while taking off and starting it it dies it wont restart for atleast 2 hours. It seems like it floods itself.

my battery keeps going dead. bought a new one still have problem i think its my security systyem how do i shut it off

I want to know how many quartz of oil I need. I can hear my valves ticking everytime I start it up in the morning.

How much would it cost to fix an electrical gage stock on my 1989 mustang?

I a broken spring on front driver side of my car. There is a squeaking grinding type noise when i turn to the LEFT only. I just replaced the power steering pump the problem did not correct itself. Now I question if it is the rackapinion or if it is just the spring. If someone with more insight could help me i would appreciate it.

Does anybody know a mechanic that know how to do ignition timing?

dome light module bad dash disassembled cant find module

My "Check Charging System" light went on. On the way home all of a sudden the eadhlights started flashing, cd player started ejecting all of the cd's and keep trying after they were gone, the display was flashing no fuel and i had a full tank, the windows were going up and down and then it suddenly died and will not start. I replaced the battery and alternator and 2 days later it did the same thing. Jumping it will start it only as long as the cables are attached to the other vehicle and the other symptoms continue even then. I will have to have it towed to the repair shop and that's 30 miles, so I would like an idea of what I might expect. Thank you.

location of fuel pump

i have been having a problem with my 91 gt it suddenly turns of while running and wont turn back on unless i disconect the module from the distributor and it will start back up with no problem, has any one had a problem like this im thinking of changing the tfi module if not the whole distributor

Black plastic that sits on top of car engin is broken were hoses connect comeing from heatercoil need 2 remove all sparkplugs & injectors 2 replace plastic. How much will this cost?

I recently drove from MA to FL in my 05 mustang gt (k&n intake,borla exhaust add-ons) Prior to driving here the fuel filter had been replaced as well as all replaced all my spark plugs and cleaned out the air filter. Once i got to FL i had my gas mileage up to 20 mpg..I normally average about 17-18 and everything was running fine. A month later my check engine light came on and my gas mileage started decreasing by the day. I am currently at 15mpg which is very out of the ordinary for my car. When i come to a stop light the car will start to idle very hard, almost feeling like it will stall out when you go to step on the gas again and rumbles. I had the code checked but lost the paper, i believe a few different things came up, possible o2 sensor, a/f ratio etc...not exactly sure. I have been told that a common problem is the fuel regulator. Any ideas? please help

could I have blown a fuse while trying to jumpstart car, car started 3 days ago

A wrench symbol just appeared on my dash??? what is it?

engine shakes at all rpms, ignition coil is sloppy lose would this cause shaking

the mustang will start and only run for like 3 sec and cut off if u turn the switch off and on it will stay runing do u thing u know whats wrong with it

Cold air intake, msd coils, jegs H-pipe, SLP cat backs.
Drove the car from North Carolina to Oklahoma. Got in to my home town after about a 20 hour drive and the car would not idle down from 3000 rpm's. I turned the car off and restarted and it idled normal. Well now it just stays at 2300-2500 rpm's cold 3000-3200 rpm's at normal op temp. I can unplug the tps and it idles normal but has a dead spot like it should have. I took the tps off the throttle body and plugged it in and the engine idled normal. So with the tps off the T/B and plugged in i used my thumb and turned the slot on the tps like someone was giving it gas and the engine jumps to 3000 rpms. As soon as I removed my thumb it went back to idleing normal. I replaced the Idle Air Control and the TPS. only code the car put out was the evap canister and purge valve replaced those along with new vac hoses. Oh and the code cause the TPS aint plugged in. I have new upgrades i wanna install but I would like to fix this problem first can anyone help. Please

So wat do I need to do about my clutch cable being hard to press. Do my transmission have to come down

My clutch is hard to press and it is hard to crank and put it in gear

my headlights will go off for no apparent reason and come back on when they get good and ready. Seems to be no pattern. Is thia a headlight switch, fuse, circuit breaker, high beam switch, fog light switchproblem or what. It doesn't seem to matter if the fog lights are on or off. Kinda scary at 70 on the interstate.

I mentioned it to a co-worker and he said it could be a handful of things, air filter or spark plugs if I'm lucky, or maybe the motor mount is loose or broken. being a girl, all i can think of, is how expensive it could be. has this kind of car shaking problem happen to anyone else?

I noticed this rattling noise last night, its's definately coming from the back driver's side. maybe from the tire i'm not. Unfortunately it's the weekend, and i can't bring it to my mechanic until monday. I'm concerned about driving it tomorrow

headlights are blinking when about 10 to 20 minutes of driving with them on

Car has 50,000 miles.Code is showing left front wheel sensor (33).Mechanic said he replaced part since it was his fault as he had to disconnect wires when he replaced radiator. ABS light still on. Pedal grinds once in a while now.He had car 6 weeks, traced wires, cannot get ABS light to go off. Took car to another mechanic. Got same code, but he says he diagnosed it further and it is ABS control module which would be $1900.00 for part but says it is outdated and cannot be found. Says I would have to replace both sides of module as part electric and part hydraulic.Also said I need front brake pads (which I will fix). No good salvage yards here and dealership no help. Original mechanic will not pay any more for this even though he acknowledged it was his fault in the beginning. I cannot afford or find part.Mechanic said I can drive as is-not dangerous.

My abs light stays on and the mechanic does not know why. He's replaced the brake pads and then a month later said the calapers were bad. His guessing is getting expensive. I still have brake dust on the two front wheels and the right front wheel pads are at 4 10ths of an inch after only 2 months. Feeling ripped off - any help would be appreciated.

What does a 100000 mile tune up consist of

My 02 mustang gt was making a clicking noise about a year ago. I took it into the shop and was told that I needed to replace the rack and pinion. I have about 80,000 miles on my car. The shop "fixed" the rack and pinion, but I began to hear the clicking again a few months ago. Is it possible for a rack and pinion to go out within a year of being replaced? Or was it done incorrectly?

there is no power to the coil i tested the wires going into the coil and nothing where do i go from there

battery was already weak last week, car could not start today and jump start it and work fine. tried starting it again at night and couldnt start, this time not even jump starting could help.when connected with jumper cables, battery meter rise to half, but once i start to crank, battery fall to zero, could hear the starter sound. is this just a dead battery or alternator?

i own a 2001 mustang gt and when i press the clutch in it makes a clanking sound what is it transmission or do i need a new clutch kit