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I'm looking for the least expensive qualified shop/mechanic
to replace the evaporator core in or near Indio, Ca. 92201

where is the pressure sensor and is there anything else i should be looking at

it started happening all of a sudden. power windows turn off properly. radio would turn off when key was out before now only radio stays on. it can be turned off manually but it still drains battery. check engine light was on the day before and the car was tested and light erased. could this have caused the problem? what can i do to resolve problem?


at first start up

car started not cranking then i could move shifter back and fourth and then it would. Now it want do anything,and it has no power going to switch on side of transmission.

fuel tank pressure sensor

spray starting fluid and it starts what would cause this

noise when making turns

car bucks at certian speeds I disingaged the overdrive for low speeds and it seems to help is this helpful and how involved is it to get fixed Thanks for your help

the engine light came on....and its smells like smoke....

The motor has 100,000 miles. ANY ENGINE ISSUES?

When the steering wheel is turned there is a squealing noise that comes from the stearing unit. more so to the left than the right. the steering is not hard or sluggish, just makes noise. there are no leaks in the system either. any ideas?

It worked fine and then one day it started this problem. Can it be a fuse or must it be the motor?

I have a vibration type noise in the rear of the car. It is only when the car is in gear, typically at low speeds. Like in the drive thru. The car runs fine but the noise is getting louder. We cant seem to find it. It kind of sounds like a heat shield or something like that rattling.

ticking sound coming from the top of the engine on the right side, during idle, and gets louder at accelleration!

how do i replace the lower rear control arm bushings on a 90 gt? when you give it throttle the rear end twists....

The car runs fine, then without warning will sputter and die. It happens under almost any circumstance including driving down the interstate, in city driving, while sitting inj a parkinbg lot waiting to pick up someone, etc. The fuel filter was replaced, and at that time the mechanic "checked" the fuel line pressure and found it acceptable leading us to believe the fuel system was "OK". We have previousloy replaced the alternator and battery thinking the problem to be electrical, but the problem persists. Any help would be much appreciated!

Changing the spark plugs on the left is easy but what all has to be removed from the right side to get access to the plugs?

Replace Throtalbody on 4.6 L engine ?

can anyone tell me where to get a good linkage cable mine is stretched out and needs replaced. I really don't want to use the dealer if I don't need to. Thanks

Varies with RPM. Quietens at idle. Seems to come from top center. Sounds like air pump or similar clatter.

Sounds like it comes from top center of engine. Changes with RPM. Will not duplicate in neutral and quietens as RPM drops.

Have replaced 2 batteries and 4 alternators ( 3 under warranity) Light still goes on and off

Engine missing through rpm range, fluid in spark plug hole #7 cylinder. Sever ml of fluid (antifreeze,water) in hole before pulling plug? Head gasket? cracked head?

we tried to roll windows down neither side will roll down or up pls help

I have used my Shaker 1000 watt 6 disc CD player very little. I recently went to insert a disc and found that it will not let me load any discs. When I push CD it says no CD found and says initializing, then is does nothing and comes up with "CD error" and I'm back to square one. It says there are no discs loaded, however it won't let me load any, what's up with that?

Evey time the car is driven I get a bad gas smell on shut down. probably needs new plugs. Car is new to me.

when on the interstate my check engine light comes on and goes off every once in a while. I just had motor rebuilt new tranny new clutch new O2 sensors I am lost. The only thing I haven't replaced is the fuel pump and fuel filter.

My wifes GT is making a buzzing noise whenerver its on. One friend said it might be the altinator and another says it might be the power steering pump, but it constantly makes that noise not just when she turns.