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When driving sometimes temp gauge goes to cold and warning light comes on. Sometimes will also cause check engine light to come on

1967 Ford Mustang/ 289/C4...when starting the car, the engine misses like crazy, and the worst, over 30MPH the car vibrates/shakes...the entire car...electronic ignition is installed. Car is well maintained. THX.

I would go about 10-30 mph and bogg out and I have no power.I changed my spark plugs and wires and made sure they were all right.Does anybody know what is wrong?

I have check fuses and rested my power to the fuel pump connector and I'm getting 9.7v. Test the fuel pressure at the rail and I'm not getting anything. Leads me to believe that it might be the fuel pump but I haven't checked the relay cause I can't find it. I'm assuming it's in the keyless entry stuff....?

engine fan comes on 15 seconds after the car starts and never shuts off while engine is running. Ac quit working

The air switch to change from Vent - Floor - Defrost - AC etc. does not seem to work. I was told it may be the door is broken or the vacuum lines not working. I have replaced the switch but still cannot change the mode.

this problem is intermittent .It seem that the engine used to rev up slightly while letting out clutch or depressing clutch it seems that it has got worse since hot weather has arrived and i'm using a/c.

Hello Car gurus.
I have a Ford Mustang 2005 with 17,000 original miles on it. Last year I noticed that the engine light came on after taking it to get the wheel alignment done. I checked it on one of those hand held OB11 reader unit, and it popped up as P0420 and a pending P0430 code.
Many people I ask are saying it's the CAT that may have gone bad, but is that possible since I barley drive the car? There were some modifications done, including adding in a performance chip, plus changing out the headers, and the air filter.
However, those mods I mentioned were done over 7 years ago, and no issues with check engine lights, or passing the emissions since.
Can someone let me know if it's possible that the CAT could go bad in 10 years at 17,000 miles? Should I just change out the O2 sensors for the bank 1?
The readiness monitors seems to all be showing green, but since it's throwing this code I think it may not pass emissions.

How to proceed....?

Could this be my tire axle? if so whats a good estimate of getting it fixed?

they also changed ccrm programed a new key....nothin now there saying it could b a crank sensor or cam sensor i forget ....what do u think?

cylinder 1 ignition coil shorts out and busts open and starts smoking.. never done this before.. tested input from connector putting out 13.7.. smoked 4 coils in a row... connector and wires do not get hot only coils seam to malfunction, tested several times same results... Any ideas?

my car fuel pump will not turn on

Check engine light fuel pressure system

Iam hearing a noise from the rear of my vehicle while driving

Car stopped and wldnt start until I replaced the GPS now it won't ideal correctly nor receive gas when I mash on the peddle

The rpm's run so low that the car dies when I stop and it is at just an idle. Even on the highway going 70 to 75 MPH the rpm's do not go ever 2. I have cleaned all the air sensors air filter and now I'm at a total loss on what it could be. I have had some family issues and really don't have the finances to put it in the shop. Please help

I have my 06 mustang at a local dealership they told me it needed a tune up and that all the spark plugs had snapped and are trying to charge me 1300 to replace I find this to be a very high price or am I over exaderating?

Recently my engine began to shake and the engine light turned on. I soon discovered 6 of the 8 spark plug coils had gone bad. I replaced all eight but still the car shakes a bit while parked or stopped. I took it back and they suggested fuel cleaner.For the most part it has helped. My engine sounds good, moves great, and getting better gas mileage, but still there is a slight "kick" and shake when I am stopped and feel it more in park. I'm not sure what could be wrong.

Side view mirror needs replacing, replace belt, and new tire