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my car leaks really badly from somewhere around the hood and it comes in through the bottom. I wrecked it and they didn't fix it correctly. now it won't start and I just put a new battery in it do you have any ideas on what the water could have damaged I have been driving it like this for about a year and it always starts it just has a lot of water inside
im getting a p050e code
code P050E how to fix
Cleaned Mass Air Flow
Trying to find how & clean Idle Air Control
New Alternator
100,000 miles
has 145000 miles ,
things to watch out for ?
When I pull the alternator fuse to troubleshoot a little. my car starts right up but when I put the alternator fuse back in it turns over and will not start...
any suggestions?
A few days later after some investigation was pulling alternator to get tested. Noticed cable on ground under car and found it to be the long starter to starter relay cable and believe it was torn off by tow truck equipment. Am almost done replacing that cable and am taking the alternator in to get tested tomorrow. The two people who have been nice enough to listen to me at parts stores however tell me probably not the alternator causing the problem. Does any one have another idea what else to look at? Thanks everyone!
I put synthetic oil in my brand new Mustang, and used synthetic oil for the last 3 oil changes. I found out I'm not supposed to in the GT. Can I switch back to regular oil or a blend without harming the engine?
Keep reading about Can-Bus computer system which would reject LED bulbs.
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