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Ive cleaned the plugs changed the oil and got the water out of thi cylinders, thw car turns but wont fire over, sometimez it kust5 clicks repeatedly under the right fender even with thw key off, what should i do
Getting a ticking noise on cylinder 8 and it could be an exhaust leak (held a piece of paper to the exhaust pipe and it sucks in a bit and misses too). But I am wondering an average cost for the worst case scenario so I can plan.
My car sat for a year with major engine issues. After being rebuilt, it randomly misfires. Usually in 4th and 5th gear around 3,000 rpms. Especially when I let off the gas a little right at the 3,000 rpm mark. Changed the plugs coils and injectors. It's been this way for 2 years now.
White smoke when accelerating and gas smell
Brakes are bled. Auto shop doesnt know. No leaks. New fluid. New hoses
The window goes down about a half inch upon opening the door. This is normal. It does not go back up when the door closes which it should. Some days the auto up feature works and some days it doesn't. The auto down feature works fine.
On back of instrument cluster pin 13 on black plug lg/y when plugged in burnt wiring on board. This is battery power to board, could it be my speedometer bad, causing to short out?
Just a clunk under car
A bolt fell from underneath the car it was to my gas pedal and it sinks to the floor now like the cable is bad but I don’t know where the bolt goes back on at
Hi I have a Mustang GT 2004.6 liter when I'm driving it regularly it runs great, no lack of power, no hesitation, drives awesome but when I come to a complete stop the idle drops to about 200, Then will Start to Putter then will jump up to about 800 rpm and at the same time try to accelerate for a second not even that after I start going it drives fine I have Replace the idle control valve,, The throttle control sensor check for any vacuum leaks fixed One leak ,did throw code which was an 02 sensor, paired the league undid my battery for 5 minutes we hooked it In service engine light was gone, Took it backup to autozone or had the memory from the back code arrased still no check engine light, But like I said when I stop or put it from paak to drive-it starts putter to 200 rpm jumps up to 800 in scelerats by itself does for a 10th of a second if anybody could help me out that would be awesome
Is 46000 miles too soon? Dealer told me the rear brake rotors needed replacement. They could ha ve resurfaced them but wouldn’t guarantee a good result.
I have a 1989 ford mustang 5.0 the cat starts and drives fine but once you turn the car off after letting it warm up it will not start again until the motor cools off then it will fire right back up
Car hesitated to start.. then after driving it a few miles to got to the gym and needed a jumpstart 2 hrs later. Figured it was the battery so i replaced it. It still hesitates to start and the guages go up and down. After driving a mile or so after it started, the battery guage went for low to normal to low again
Trans will not shift to 3rd or4gear when overdrive is turned on rpm will go but no traction in rear end till 35mph
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