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both driver and passage electric seats won't move fwd or aft. tilt fwd aft good, up down works for both seats
It happens all,the time.
I've tried a sleeve but the plug still not catching any tread. What's my options at the point
Fault code was p0340 replaced camshaft position sensor and plug on right bank and cleared the code. Battery is new and alternator output is between 13.5 and 14.5 volts ac output was .031 milliamps drove approx. 30 miles without check engine light, stopped vehicle and restarted it a hair and check engine light is back on again. Does it need to complete a longer drive cycle or several before the fault will clear
I am having issues with the drive cycles to get the obd2 readiness completes. O2, o2 heater and cats are not ready. I do have a scan tool that show weather or not the monitors are ready . I never had this issue before and I have had the Ford racing cal tune since new. Is there a simple drive cycle for 2011 mustang gt
And my ac is blowing out heat compressor work isn't low on freon.
why Code PO315 won't clear on my mustang 2013 gt 5.0
is there a kit to raise the headrest higher.
For reliability and better performance and less wear on my 98 mustang
It also is putting condensation on the outside of the windshield when being driven.
If you clear codes, start car, let set until it comes out of open loop, turn car off, restart MIL comes on and codes are present again. Code reader shows 39 psi fuel pressure at idle and 41 psi when giving it some gas and fuel long trim 25% for both banks. I have a code reader that shows live data but I'm not familiar on what to look for. Thanks in advance.
Alternator on changed it again,new pigtail on alternator,ran new grounds neg. and POS. to battery and starter,checked all fuses,took aftermarket stereo out didn't help.problem started when the ground wire rubbed and arched out.
after driving 20 minutes or so or if i let the casr idele for 5 to 10 minutes the idle gets VERY ROUGH and engine starts clatteing and wants to die.. If i give it gas it will rev up and straighten out until i come to a stop again . It will start all over... I was told that the 2 cam or kam sensors are bad. would this cause this problem? I read where just because a code says the sensors are bad that it could also be other things such as drive belt or timing ? also when i got the car it had a slight ticking in the motor it has rapidly turned into a pretty noisy tapping like a loose rodcker arm sound. I recently had an oik change thats when i was told the sensors were out, could these sensors have anything to do with the noisy tapping.. ? it is REALLY Bad when I first start the engine before the oil is fully circulating.. The engine revs high upon starting for about 10 seconds and then it idles down to normal.. engine light is on....also. recently the battery in the remote door lock and unlock went weak or dead and the car would not go into drive, a friend showed me the bypass lever . I replaced the batery and that solved the problem but i noticed right away that the brake pedal is extremely soft since that incident. someone told me to disconnect the ground cable for 15 minutes and the computer would reset and solve that problem. I havent done it yet . would that do anything beneficial?
I was just trying to get a ballpark figure for replacing lifters or timing chain
Car stalls and cuts off but cranks right back up
i want to put the 94 front clip on the 1967 mustang how many head aches am i looking at?
Is this going to cause a inspection rejection.
Only when it rains I tried hosing it from inside the hood under the car. Anyone else having this problem
I recently had my Mustang's clutch replaced and when you start out in 1st gear, the car is slow to accelerate. Even when you try to floor it just slowly climbs to a higher RPM. When I originally bought it, you could floor it and the tires would spin. Is it possible I got a bad clutch installed?
It's been a problem for a few years. Everytime it rains, I see a puddle of water in the back seat of my car and the floorboard is wet. The top has no visible holes or cracks and it still looks new.
My overdrive has a hard time getting over even slight inclinations but my drive seems perfectly fine.
My door keeps not shutting and it takes me a good minute to get it to shut.
My car shakes when I slow down, but only at a very specific speed.
my car leaks really badly from somewhere around the hood and it comes in through the bottom. I wrecked it and they didn't fix it correctly. now it won't start and I just put a new battery in it do you have any ideas on what the water could have damaged I have been driving it like this for about a year and it always starts it just has a lot of water inside
im getting a p050e code
code P050E how to fix
Cleaned Mass Air Flow
Trying to find how & clean Idle Air Control
New Alternator
100,000 miles
has 145000 miles ,
things to watch out for ?

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