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Started a few weeks ago. Mileage 145,00
I found a listing for a 1994 cobra at a good price, the only problem is it is missing the engine block, the owner has a new ported upper and lower intake and separately has
K&N filter
Front sway bar 1 3/8
70mm throttle body
30# fuel injectors new in box
Shorty headers
G-load brace
Lower rear control arms
H.D adj rear sway bar
Upper adj. rear control arms
Sub frame connectors
Drive shaft loop
Rear end gears 3.55
Fuel pump in tank 155gph
180 temp thermostat
Pro 5.0 shifter
T-Rex 180gph external fuel pump
Racing wheel stubs
Interior show room new
Ported new lower intake and new cobra upper intake
New in box upper engine wiring harness.
New in box starter relay
Tremec transmission
Original new in box cobra shifter knob.
New in box throttle assemble and adj. idle speed spacer
Rear wheel slicks
I was wondering the time and money that would go into this to determine if it was worthwhile
I was told they would pull engine and redo all of the seals/gaskets b/c just about everything on engine is leaking oil.
Cigarette lighter fuse is good but cigarette lighter and charging port does not work. Obd2 scanner not reading computer. Mustang won't start but sounds like it wants to. New plugs,wires,distributor cap,rotor button,ignition coil,module tested good,fuel reading 40 at the rail, injected tested good, new fuel filter.Believe I am close but just can't put my hand on it . Need help, thanks...
I NEED one that I can trust!!! A mechanic that knows the car inside and out. Is successful with what he does...Also, I need him to be in near Chicago Suburbs.

My '97 Cobra has some sort of knocking coming from the engine when I accelerate at or above 2 RPM's. Some have told me it may be a few things. Rod Knock, calve lifter, crank shaft bouncing around (main bearings went caaaput). I just got my oil changed and almost feel the tampered with my car, which again caused me have trust issues. But not just this one time, but many times. My car also has exhaust issues (leak of some sort). The exhaust leak started couple of years ago when my clutch was replaced. I had the clutch repaired A SECOND TIME last year. I was thinking I should go back to them again, but they are not ford Mustang specialists.
By the way, I have owned my '97 Cobra Mustang since I bought it BRAND NEW from the dealer in November '97 (50+ some mile on it at time of purchase). SO I am the only owner. I don't beat on it, either, surprisingly. Garage kept for years.

I need a savior here!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Phone numbers and location helps!
Need some engine work, hasn't been started in 5 months, and a new top and seats. Need a good place to have it repaired and will have it towed in.
Runs and shifts fine, just making a noise when up shifting and coming back down shift. ?
Not at idle, all the time if rpm at 2300 or more, not overheating, no loss of power or oil pressure
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