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Before info kept it under 30 it always uses electric and if I let off the gas the meteor would be blue, now it always uses gas after the first time I hit the gas.
If my car won't start can I charge it to make it start ? My battery is dead
would the bumper, fender, hood and headlight fit from a 2010 ford fusion SE to a 2011 ford fusion hybrid?
just cuts off in the middle of traffic anywhere, any speed;has happened numerous times with pregnant wife and kids in car;took to local ford dealership(not where it was bought 3 hours away) they kept it and checked it said it was the battery that we had replaced 3 months ago-they put new battery in-5 days later cuts off again in middle of busy intersection( and 2 more times). Call local dealership-nothing else they can do-dealership we bought it from won't do anything;called ford credit that the loan is thru- can't do anything. There is obviously something very wrong with these hybrid cars!!!!! Why can't anyone find out what is causing it to cut off? If it was their family in it I bet they would!!!
The hybrid battery is full charge and road speed is about 30 with foot off the accelerator. After highway driving for several miles, EV mode works. If it is parked for an hour or two, then it won't go into EV mode with a full battery until it is driven on the highway for several miles. Check of the engine battery gives 11.89 volts. Local Ford garage tech spent 1.5 hours on it and couldn't find anything wrong!
Car has been sitting in driveway for 10 days. Went to start it up with my remote and cannot get into the car at all, with neither remote. What does this mean? What do I do?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? acceleration louder
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
My family and I appear to be fine but should I be worried?
I can't set the cruise control or change anything I can't said
The drivers side window doesn't work, but the others do. Everything else seems to be fine. This happened while the car had been driven for about 10 minutes, and parked for about 15mins. The light did come on one day about a week before. But had not been on consistently, And I didn't notice any message prior. Thank you for any help/advice that you can offer.
The light just came on for the first time today. Just the light that is shaped like an engine. How do I interpret and repair these issues? I have an Innova 3030 code reader that does powertrain, chassis and body codes. There are no driving symptoms, the vehicle was getting 39 mpg while the light was on steady for an hour today. I can try to erase the codes.
It opened fine, then I filled the trunk with luggage and when I arrived the trunk would only open half way. I checked to see if the hinges were blocked and didn't see anything. Could it have anything to do with the emergency pull cord?
Nothing was left on. Just bought car Friday. Technician came to house and had to jump start it. Drove back to dealership. Also noticed radio wasnt working. System check shows battery above minimum level. Everything checks out ok. Total system reset and radio still not working. My check hasn't even cleared the bank yet.
What could be wrong with it
is there something wrong with the battery? that the car would shake over 40 mph on the highway
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