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Water in the transmission? Why and it sounds like a common problem
Just replaced the fuel filter, air filters, oil change not long ago, power steering pump and pressure hose, and since the serpentine belt was off I replaced that too.WWaiting for it to warm up so I can do the plugs and wires. Any other help as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated thank you
Every time I come to a stop after driving on highway it shift hard when goin ageing
i changed the fluid and filter and it didn't do any good
While driving my van, it sounds like a thrashing machine..even when in park it makes the noise, only time it doesn't when running is when in NEUTRAL. It does not overheat and it will drive and go in reverse..all the fluid levels are fine and it is not loosing fluid. I have had it parked since nov 25, 2014, I feel it is something simple to fix and I hate to trash it. The fans are not kicking on, we let it sit in idle for over 15 minutes today 1-18-2015, and it started fine and never overheated and the cooling fans never kicked on..all the fuses are good...what can this be???? it has over 200K miles but it ran good until this happened. In fact, it happened when I was 200 miles from home and I drove it on in, interstate driving and it ran perfectly fine without over heating..just the thrasing noise is overwhelming..
running 128mph. Had moisture in pcm and connector. Replaced pcm and reprogrammed at the dealer. Engine cuts out at 1100rpm's and cuts off. Will restart very hard, problems going into reverse, and drive. Manually shift to 1st gear no problem, drive is like shift solenoids stuck in between. Torque converter was replaced under recall 7 miles ago.
puddle of oil shop said to drive it for awhile bring it back in a week isn't that bad to drive
It happens when i try to accelerate and it wont let me go over fifty til she warms up good .
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