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I drove my husband to work and while his semi was warming up we were in my van with it running. At some point it stalled without us realizing it I tried to restart it and at first it was trying to but after a couple trys nothing the engine wouldn't even make a sound what can it be
Then after 20 - 25 minutes the series of beeps will start again. It sounds like the door is ajar, but no door is ajar and no lights go on.
Cut off while driving then restarted and started up. cut off again shortly after got out and checked fluids, batt cable and sensors everything was ok. Finally started back up scared to drive it
Right front turn signal went out replaced the bulb and socket and it only works when the headlights are off
Where are the locations for the lubrication points for front end lubrication?
I drove approximately 200 miles yesterday. Towards the end of the trip, while on a highway, my car lost all power. The cruise control worked intermittently during the trip.

Prior to this, a computer board is going / has gone bad. One of the phone chargers doesn't work, the odometer doesn't show, and the rear windows are inoperable. Not sure if these are connected.

Any ideas?
and it will start up again I'm afraid to drive the car I have 2 young boy don't want to take a chance on us getting killed what to do
Front passenger headlight went out, bought a new bulb installed it and it still doesn't work. In fact i turn on HI-beams and the other one goes out...???
Under driver controls in the 2004 Ford Freestar manual it includes outside temperature but doesn't provide very much information on how to set it up. I bought my Freestar used, and apparently this feature had never been setup on it. Is there any way/anyplace I can get better instructions on setting it up. Thanks!
van drives well, 60,000 miles
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