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I have no air conditioner at all. NO air comes out in the interior of the vehicle. I have replaced the fuse for the air conditioner in the black box in the side of the engine however, nothing still comes out. I have no ideas of what the problem might be, perhaps a switch underneath of the temperature controls. Not sure. Thanks for your help.

You say you have one in carter lake but where and what phone number

You say you have a shop in carter lake but where and what phone number do they have

You say you have a shop in carter lake but where and what phone number do they have

I removed it from tranny and then after taking apart everything on wheel hub including the c.v Nut It wouldn't come out no prying twisting hammering would get it more than an 1-4" out 3 grown men couldn't we destroyed the threads to shaft protruding by at least two inches into a mushroom head .I then cut of with metal blade saw all and growned down enough threads with drumel to get but back on put it together and been driving it plz help with any advice on how to get damned thing out

During normal acceleration transmission shifts smoothly around 35 to 40 MPH. When acceleration at slower speed between 35 to 40 MPH it seems not to know what gear to stay in. It will keep shifting up one gear and down one gear, until you hit 45 MPH. then it will stay in the higher gear.

bought van recently, knew it had dying problem, previous owner replaced ignition and thought prob was fixed, took van on 600 mile trip with no issues, took van out on rainy day and it died and will not even turn over now, previous owner stated when it died before it would always restart but now does nothing, all dash lights come on normally with no warnings, read about pcm getting wet so replaced pcm and coded keys, still wont turn over, cheated power to starter relay and starter will kick in and whirl engine but will not start(ignition switch in on position), will not start even with small burst of starting fluid, acting like ignition loop is open, battery and connections are good, all fuses and relays check out good, no codes showing, what is wrong? need help desperately, this is my only wheels

We have put coil pack can sensor crank sensor and ingation switch on it and it still will not fire

Caused belt to come off all fluids are full

V6engine 04

system ready ( scan-tool )...memory code # p1633 ... stay for one year ... engine work very good .... ???

What can i do to keep driving the vechile until i have enough money to buy all the to the a/c system.Told they dont make a by pass pullee to install where the a/c shall go , in order to keep driving the van without breaking the belt. The a/c is not turning at all.

Starter on still wont turn over is this me that the battery has not enough cranking amage

Now the car won't start after putting it back. How can I resolve this

Instructions say I am to put oil in pump (suction side) but It says to put oil in accumulator? where is this located? also where is the orifice tube? I cannot find a website with any pictures. thank you

THere is no whining noise like from power steering fluid being low.
It actually felt like I had a flat tire while driving in a gravel lot. I looked and tires are fine, when I got on the road, it is very stiff

the oil does a good drip when the heater is on stops when heater is off what could be causing this please

I have a 2005 Ford Freestar and since I got it, it has made this terrible rattle like something is broken or something. Having trouble locating the problem :-(

How do i shut of the headlights when the van is parked and running? How do i reset the door code, key pad of numbers above the drivers side handle??

I carpool and wait early morning all year round. I wish to shut the headlights off when the van is still running and in park just sitting.
I need to know how to reset the alarm door entry code on the drivers side door. The keypad with numbers above the drivers door handle on the outside

Can’t turn motor with wrench, is there any other way to check if engine is locked? Engine will not start just make a starter type noise and appear to move very slightly and not rotating at all. As I stated it seems to move slightly!

2006 Ford Freestar why is there water in the transmission?

Water in the transmission? Why and it sounds like a common problem

Just replaced the fuel filter, air filters, oil change not long ago, power steering pump and pressure hose, and since the serpentine belt was off I replaced that too.WWaiting for it to warm up so I can do the plugs and wires. Any other help as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated thank you