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the window doesn't move at all
abs light came on
we bought a relay for our van, but cannot find the relay to change itout
Engine light was off had oilchange light on
getting error code P1715
my exhaust system has rusted out
I took it to autozone, the code was for the cylinder head temp sensor, i replaced that, still have the same problem.
Was told I could disable it to keep it from closing automatically
I have a light on the bottom left corner of the dashboard it's a picture of a gear with an exclamation point what does this mean
need to know how to take apart driver side door on a 2004 ford freestar van,so I can put window back on its track
on a 2004 ford freestar van.driver side window came off tracks. need to know how to get to glass so I can put it back on track
after trying cable manually and soaking assembly; door will still not release/open.
I need repair its
Answer doesn't make since
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