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Right front turn signal went out replaced the bulb and socket and it only works when the headlights are off

Where are the locations for the lubrication points for front end lubrication?

I drove approximately 200 miles yesterday. Towards the end of the trip, while on a highway, my car lost all power. The cruise control worked intermittently during the trip.

Prior to this, a computer board is going / has gone bad. One of the phone chargers doesn't work, the odometer doesn't show, and the rear windows are inoperable. Not sure if these are connected.

Any ideas?

and it will start up again I'm afraid to drive the car I have 2 young boy don't want to take a chance on us getting killed what to do

Front passenger headlight went out, bought a new bulb installed it and it still doesn't work. In fact i turn on HI-beams and the other one goes out...???

Under driver controls in the 2004 Ford Freestar manual it includes outside temperature but doesn't provide very much information on how to set it up. I bought my Freestar used, and apparently this feature had never been setup on it. Is there any way/anyplace I can get better instructions on setting it up. Thanks!

van drives well, 60,000 miles

what should be included in the estimate besides the cost of the transmission fluid and filter

put a new battery in did not help

When I'm driving while its raining my van doesn't accelerate properly, it makes a light pop like a back fire, it spits like its going to die and my engine light flashes. I've got a diagnostic ran on it and all they say is cylinder 1 misfire. This only happens when its raining. What could my problem be.

I took my van in a few weeks ago to have the torque converter & 3rd row seat recalls done. While the van was in there they said that the back engine mount was broken and I had to pay to have that fixed. The guy asked me if I noticed the vehicle shaking & making loud noises when I accelerate, I didn't so I said so. He said that was what usually happened when the engine mounts broken. My boyfriend had just changed the sway bar not 3 days before that & he didn't notice anything broken when he was under there. So I personally believe it broke when they took everything apart to replace the torque converter but instead of owning up to their mistakes & just fixing it they made us pay for it. Anyways. Since we've had the van back it is running weird. The lights inside & outside shake, dim. When the AC is on the ac stalls out and turns back on and the van makes a weird noise when accelerating with the AC on. There is a brand new battery in it & we took it to Advanced Auto to check the battery, starter & alternator & all of that came back perfectly fine. So the guy there said that he thought it had something to do with the electrical system. Also our radio stopped working 3 months after we bought it almost a year ago & there's nothing we can do to get it to come back on, no radio, no time, nothing. Just wondering what might be wrong with it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to take it back to the dealer with the issue I just had with them. I know for a fact that the engine mount was not broken so taking it to them to look at this problem is out of the question. If it is something that I and my boyfriend can fix I would much rather do it ourselves. Just trying to figure out what's wrong with it first. Thanks in advance for the help!

2005 freestar. Has hesitations while Hwy driving, seems to happen as I am hitting acceleration, tuneup done and exhaust leak fixed and cam sensor replaced.

rear a/c temp does not change. air blows but temp changes hot or cold.

I have no air conditioner at all. NO air comes out in the interior of the vehicle. I have replaced the fuse for the air conditioner in the black box in the side of the engine however, nothing still comes out. I have no ideas of what the problem might be, perhaps a switch underneath of the temperature controls. Not sure. Thanks for your help.