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Does the engine need to be pulled to fix it? The car needs to be sold. I would like to know what the costs might be and if it is worth it for an older car.
Car over heated so checked dual fans they were not blowing but tested fans and they work so went to pull fuse out and now car wont start it started before we pulled fuse ,help plzzz
ford focus 2007 battery light turn on and off after replacing brushes,alternator was serviced 3months back after it failed to charge battery then 2 weeks back the car was failing to charge battery and replaced brushes.lternator is charging but battery light keeps turning on and off
The clutch is seized. The serpentine belt just slides over it but the resistance on my belt is keeping my car from turning over. How do I disengage the clutch so the pulley can free spin .It's 700 for new airconditioning . I need the pulley to remain because of the serpentine belt.
It has been going out intermittently for a few months and now it has been out for approximately 10 days. When it went out before it would work again after sitting out in the sun for a few hours. But this time it has not come back on.
Recently experiencing the issue while driving my Air bag, check fuel cap, battery and seatbelt warning signals go on and OD shuts of (happens all at the same time). I took car to be service and mechanic said that no codes came up. The warning signals come on and off at random
Fuel gauge is stuck at a quarter tank
Anti-freeze was leaking out on the driver side freeze plug. How many freeze plugs are there on a Ford Focus? Is it possible to replace the freeze plugs without removing the engine?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when the car runs for a while
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
What does the thumb button on the shifter do? The button shows the outline of a car. It is a 2016
How long have you had this problem? Bought the car used. Can't find anything in the manual
I am recently a proud owner of a 2009 Ford focus and as I got home I looked over the car myself, and I have came across that the exhaust manifold is a hard plastic instead of a finishing metal and I've come to realize that, that's not right at all and I'm wondering how or what I should do to go about getting this problem fixed. The car runs nice and everything is good on it but I can't come to myself in terms of why the exhaust from the head down is a hard plastic as that would melt over time..
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when the engine gets hot.
How long have you had this problem? About a month
Just posted about volvo s40 really fed up with cam belts , this new ford engine is cam & chain just wondering what if cam snaps in such engine will it cause similar damage as can only cars ??
Kindly replay
I have a check engine light that came up with the code P0302. Mechanic said it could be a number of things and can't seem to get specific for me.
So one day, I changed my AC speed from 4 to 2 and then the AC button light went away and my AC went out. I changed the blow motor because two people told me that was problem because there was electricity flowing through it. When I press the relay for the AC in the fuse box, some part of the AC under the hood makes a noise (the noice it makes when my AC is on) but the AC doesn't turn on nor will the light turn on.

the relay in the eng. compartment clicks on and off, Im assuming, every time the comp turns on and off. The comp runs about 1 1/2 seconds and shuts off for 1 1/2 seconds.
Engine "lopes" at idle. Dies when stopping. Starts right back up.
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