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after a fuel pump replacement and battery replacement.the car started and ran good for 2 minutes.when i pushed on the gas pedal the car died and hasnt started again. ive checked for voltage on all conections to sensers,fuses and relays to be good. what to do next?
In early March, I had a check engine light come on in my 2005 Ford Focus. I had code checked and they told it would go off by itself. I disconnected battery to make light go off sooner and ever since I have electrical issues, the common ones being my transmission having shifting issues and my clock and radio resetting every now and then. I just learned about the connection between these issues and the battery today (early May). Now that I know the problem, what can I do to fix it?
I hit a pipe on the road and it shot up and hit underneath the driver side. My coolant is leaking like crazy but it also looks like oil is on a hose. what could be my problem?
brakes were bad lot of trouble getting drums off replaced with new drum bearing assemblies and nut one side has gone bad twice now wheel has firm shake no slop just noise tires are new
Car will start for few seconds than shuts off, where should o start?
Needs to pass inspection but engine light stays on and they tell me its the sensor'but'which one I hear there are 4
car was half way submerged in water
not sure if i need just the belt but try to figure what i can expect to pay
something burns my coil up after about 60 miles and was told it was the computer.
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