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I rolled my window down and heard a crunching noise, now the window will not roll up or stay up if I raise it by hand. How do I take the door apart without tearing up components? I do not have the money to have it fixed and I just purchesed the car on credit. It has electric windows and I cannot lock my car if the window does not stay up. Please help!

I assume mechanic is talking about tranny and the radiator. not sure what else.

what is the repair cost to change the seals on my camshaft i seem to be leaking oil.

jiffy lube said only ford can change that filter is that right?

my repairman tried to get the part,was told it has new system and $800 is price for new evaporator.Is there a recall or something?

Car belonged to my son who passed away on May 31th. When I drove it the first time and put it in gear the indicator showed me in drive but I was in neutral. When I parked it the car would not go into park. I am afraid I will not know what to tell a repair man & will be charged for repairsw I do not need. Please help.

whe I shift ito gear the shift is not showing the right gear and doesnot seem to be changing the gears.

also car has a vibration when idling. could this have somrthing to do with the oil on the spark plug?

While driving and getting up to speed the transmission slips out of gear and then jolts back into gear when you slow down. What is the cause of this?

After determining the issue and taking corrective actions, assuming that the issue was indeed corrected, will the P0455 code clear itself of is it a code which requires a manual clear by the code reader? The car in question in particular is a 2008 Ford Focus.

when we start it after being off for a short period of time and it idles real rough in drive or reverse. it does fine in park or neutral. what else could be wrong with it? i hooked up diagnostic tool at auto zone and it said po300

My son took his new ousted car back to school. 280 miles into a 350 mile trip he stopped for gas and the engine light came on and he made it the rest of the way and took to auto zone Nd got a code of 5010 missfire in cylinder #2! What is our next step?

The other day it came on again when I was slowing down in traffic and it stalled when I came to a stop. It did start up again but did this a total of 4 times during my drive. I had the battery checked and they said it was good. I also had the alternator tested and it showed that it was good as well. Is there anything else that could be causing this problem?

before it used to shutter and lose power when driving, even goin straight, no hills. even worse going up hills. now has progressed to sarting and just dieing. has new timing belt, spark plugs and wires. newer fuel pump and filer. just frustrated

2002 ford focus has about 100k miles

From the moment you turn it on my car is roaring.I know that manual transmissions tend to be a bit louder then automatic ones, but mine you can hear a mile away. It sounds like the car is stuck in a constant sate of over acceleration. it also sounds like clanky tin when ever you shift gears(yes the clutch is all the way in). Im not sure if this might be a engine problem or one with my transmission.Not one of my warning light has turned on, so im a a complete loss.

My mechanic is telling me that it cost $4500 to replace my engine. Is this correct, because, I feel like I could be getting ripped off.

I was stopped at a red light and when the light turned green I stepped on the accelerator and it only got to half way through the intersection when it felt like something "dropped". The engine remained on and the car would not move in any gear (including reverse). The check engine light did not come on and there was no other noises or anything.

Is the tranmission going bad or should just change the fluid and filter

Well, i recently replaced my valve cover gasket in the vehicle and when the shop put the cover back on they didn't put on the wires correctly which is what i think caused the code to be thrown and stored in the history. Im going to clear the code and see if it happenes again because after they plugged in the wires correctly the vehicle ran fine. Felt like it did before they messed with it. So, my question stands if it is a misfire in cylinder four can that cause major engine damage over time?

I used the dashboard button to open it. Now the latch will not hold the door shut.

My colleague told me to change `Bearing hub assembly' for both sides (driver and passenger). Is it correct?
It cost $167 for two and how much should I pay for replacing the hubs. One of local mechanic said he would charge $150 for both.
Please advise

I can hear the pump working and it is full of juice

it has been happening for awhile

every so often it will sound for 30 or 40 seconds while driving down the road.

Turned ignition on, car seemed to start but made a brief rump sound as if engine was racing, but no sooner I tried to put it on drive, engine turned off. What can it be and how much will repair cost?

After driving steady for an hour, when I pull in line behind somebody - drive thru, my car sometimes starts to overheats. The temp gauge indicators rises alomost to the red. I turn the heat on and put the fan on high and within 60 seconds, the guage returns to normal. The thermostat and housing was just changed and the same thing happened again. There are no check engine indicators on.

Dealer performed an oil change & said that front sway bar was getting loose.

every time i start the car and i'm checked the gas cap

need to replace vapor canister need instruction on replacing