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Car runs very well it just jerks hard when you put in in gear. After in gear it's fine.
When theproblem happens if I don't dis connect the battery I will lose the batttery in about 1hr
2006 ford five hundred
Car was sitting for 2 years with gas in in, put additive in and has been running fine for 2 weeks. I drove 2 seconds up the street the other day and it sounded like it wasn't getting gas. We replaced the fuel filter first and that didn't help so we just replaced the fuel pump and I still can't get it to run.
Coolant is leaking fast in front of the car by radiator
How long have you had this problem? One week
How do I replace the rear spark plugs without having to take off the intake manifold? The 6 cylinder is misfiring and o replaced the front 3, need to do the back, and can't find a good instruction website or good video?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse after I use the car awhile
How long have you had this problem? For a month
When I turn the wheel left or right there is a whining sound. There is no loss of power to the steering. Is that a sign the power steering pump is on the way out or just in need of fluid but there may be a leak
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it
the fuse isnt in the best shape. it looks rusted inside. I'm thinking about buying this car off my buddy to help him out but he says it goes into limp mode. I checked it over and noticed the fuse 19 fuse look rusted inside compared to the others all shinny silver. Also the fuse is only 10 amp and I read the manual when I got home it says it should be 40amp
i put in another control panel with the same result. i do not know what else to do. for some reason it is not getting enough voltage to the compressor,
gauge worked fine until today, shut car off at pump added gas and when i turned the car back on it stayed in the same posistion.
Car cranks but won't stay on. Without air hose disconnected
It acts like your not giving it any gas it will only go at the speed that it has when you put it in drive.
My a/c blows somewhat cool when i am driving or i raise the motor and it gets to about 2500 rpms but when i stop or car is idling it blows hot air and i have already put three cans of freon in it but still doing same thing
Had my alternator changed 3 weeks ago after changing plugged battery back up an all my lights on my dash borad
backed out of driveway and shifted to forward drive and didn't move
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