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Can it be done with out removing the whole dash

Need.To know what has to be removed to replace power steering pump on 2005 Ford five hundred

Signal light will not turn off when turning right.

Keep popping up

The car starts but steering wheel wont turn

Car ran after replacement once at idle but no throttle. Now it won't do that. The wrench icon is on.when it cranks the check engine stays on. It cranks to a point for 2-3 seconds and sounds like it might start and the starter disengages.

The traction light won't turn off even when push the button to turn it off.

The car was making a clicking or maybe knocking sound when in park or neutral once I put it in gear the noise would stop after 20 or 30 mph then the other day it just stopped while I was driving it has no gears not forward or reverse

Service changes every 3000 miles by Ford. Serviced just completed. Light came on afterwards. Reset oil life, but engine symbol stays on.

As I was driving on the Grand central Pkwy the car shut down on me and said failed engine safe mode I cut i T off waited 5min then cut it back on it came on as normal

Just ran car and blower still doesn't work.

The fuel gauge car seams to be fine except when sitting still it will jump up on the Rpms. I got a TPS today but I can't for the life of me figure out where it goes. It doesn't match pics in the book or online

I have verified the bulbs work, brake light works just fine, but when i go to use the turn signal it will not work

was driving on highway when transmission disengaged but, car engine continued to run.

Front left driver side makes a vibration. Also the brakes squeal but the pads are good.

Work why is this

Work why is this

Work why is this

When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works

When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works

New starter, new battery, new computer still not starting.

The battery died on the vehicle and I attempted to have it charged and used the remote to start, the lights started flickering like crazy and did not start. Attempted to charge it again and it will not charge or start and the battery wires are getting hot? Any ideas?

At first when I push the gas it use to sound like air then it started to jerk and shutting off

I replaced the 02 sensor and the light still comes on

The fan runs constantly for my heater and a/c. Doesn't matter if its on auto or manual.

System normal until placed in reverse, then "off" warning illuminates and stays on until ignition is turned off. I've seen elsewhere that I should listen for "ticking at the sensor, but won't they be de-energized if the switch indicates that the system is off?

When I come to a stop my care won't go or the gear switch by it self

I used the OBD II / EOBD CODE READER and found the following code (4 error codes)
P0171 System too lean Bank 1
P0374 Timing Reference Hig n Resolution Signal A No Pulses
P0171 System too lean Bank 1
P0374 Timing Reference Hig n Resolution Signal A No Pulses

The same code reader gave me RPM(rpm): 705.50 while the engine was running but the gear was in Parked position

I don’t feel anything while driving the 2006 Ford Five hundred SEL (I don’t have much knowledge about vehicles), It accelerates well and goes easily to 40miles per hour when given the acceleration (I have not tried beyond 40 miles/hr in order to avoid any damage, as I bought it recently and want to repair it before use) the odometer reads about 200,000 miles, I showed to a local mechanic he said the gear is either in 2nd or 3rd (limp mode) after a short test drive, which made me little worried, what can be the possible reasons of this errors and what should I do to make it a smooth running vehicle?

I had the AWD light come on the dash. Took my car to a reputable shop to have put on the computer. The tech was unable to find a code and sent me on my way not knowing why the light was on. Now almost a week later I now have a wrench light on and my car lunges when almost to a stop. If I dont have my foot on the brake it would forcefully slam forward. Very dangerous and I see several people have the same issue. Why doesnt Ford stand behind their product. Yes it is a 2005 but I also paid 38,000.00 10 years ago brand new!! I am not happy

Same problem as everyone else. Failsafe, lunges sporadically. And just had throttlebody changed less than 2wks ago. Help,...have not contacted ford,..yet?..I leafher iding while in store. Came back dang wrench and "failsafe",....????