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i lose power went in 4 wheel drive. In 2 wheel i have all the power i need. i recently had it rebuilt. No problemsbefore the rebuild

I have replaced all brake parts. when i start truck brakepeddle goes to the floor. I have bleed like 8 times but still the same. What do i do now ?

the nuckle is wearing out, and I don't know if can be fix or not, what other option?

engine light on has a code 1211 it means preasure of injectors is higher or lower than desired

over-drive off light blinks off and on, also it began shifting real hard fluid level ok, it has powerstroke engine,

My right rear brake was locking on once a week. I'd get home at night, notice the right wheels were glowing red (rear).
Two weeks ago I changed the rear pads and drums. I got home the other night and noticed my right rims glowing red "Again". Took the wheels off, this time the drum just slipped off by hand (didn't need the sledge hammer). Examined my brand new pads, burnt to a crisp, a little smooth patch here and there but mostly deep gouges with metal hairs sticking out every where. The drum [appears] to be fine. I backed off the tightener 2 turns. The fallowing night same thing...

The old brake pads I just changed, they were original. They looked great, but one shoe (right rear-front) was slightly tapered from the top down about 1/3. I went to replace them 8 years ago, they were 3 times thicker than the new ones...Every time a mechanic touched my rear wheels, an hour later on the highway I noticed smoke coming off my wheels. Pull off the highway, all my rear rims were glowing red. This happened a few hundred times..There is 300 000km on my truck

How do you repair the rear drivers side power window.

My fuel gauge reads over full on front and rear tank. The amount of fuel doesn't matter they read the same. I think the gauge is bad. On occasion when the truck is off the gauge seems to register correctly but changes when it is turned on.

Can anyone tell me where the windshield washer pump is located? Thanks!

i noticed a puddle of fluid under my transmission each time i start the engine

I put power the one of the wires on the chime and the interior light come on for the driver's front door. What would cause the interior lights to be power only at the passenger front door and not the others?

1993 Ford F350 Non Turbo 7.3l 4x4 crew cab dually 4 speed trans. My sepentine belt comes off when down shifting, why?

whenever i down shift my truck from any speed, the belt comes off the pullys and shreds up, I replaced all idler pullys and all acceceries pullys and made sure everything was aligned up and they are, I replaced the belt 6 times and still does it. any suggestions?

I rebuilt the engine and it still goes through 1qt every 100 miles espescially when idling

The transmission has trouble shifting or does not shift at all

happens seldom, just had transmission rebuilt for other reasons, this problem started befor rebuild and has not changed after rebuild. I have taken to transmission shop over and over but cant seem to locate the problem. If I shut the truck off and restart the problem stops MOST of the time

This truck was just purchased and trying to figure out where to look!!

i'm looking for the plate that holds the fipl sensor.

Just changed the fuel filter

Can't get fuel from back tank. Fuel gauge also does not register any fuel. Tank is full. New dash switch.

We have been having trouble getting the truck to start. We bought it brand new, and have only been having problems for the past two years or so. Some days it will start right up, other days the starter tries to start the engine but nothing...! We have changed the battery, the modual, alternator, and even taken it (several times) to our mechanic. They have run the computer diagnostics on it, and checked it over, but find nothing wrong...oh! and it ALWAYS starts when it is at the mechanics. Grrr! Can any one help?????

I have a 1 ton dual tank system. How to remove the fuel filter. I removed hose clamps,pulled lines back and forth, and turned filter while trying to disconnect hoses. Does action require special tool to disconnect and change the inline fuel filter?

will not power up scanner. floods at idle. back fires. run roughs.

where is the map sensor located on a 1994 ford f-350 with gas engine.

I've tried the ford dealer and other mechanics and no one can fix it, it shuts after reaching 2000 rpms Help
This is on a 1994 ford f350 extended cab

Problem came out of the blue now always happening

After taking the steering wheel off to diagnose the problem I noticed when moving the shifter that the prndl indicator moves in sync but the bottom of the shaft where the cable attaches does not move until approx 45 degrees of movement.It is not the bracket at the bottom with the torx screws but appears to be in the shaft between the prndl indicator cable and the bracket that the shift cable attaches to.Inexplicable! Any ideas? Thanks, Howard

Marker lights do not come on. Fuses for position 4 & 15 are good. License plate and tail lights work. Is there another fuse? Is there an in-line fuse?

Any other suggestions?


Truck stalled several times. Fuel filter was changed then truck started and died a few times then would not start. Filled filter with fuel and engine started, ran for 15 minutes and died and had to purge fuel system again. This is a 7.3 L Turbo Diesel. how would air be getting in fuel system? does this truck have in tank fuel pumps?

I used to put my truck in geer and be able to trust that I was in thqat gear. Thats no longer the case. I now find that when I put tha lever in Park, its actually in Reverse. When I put it in Drive I have to watch my speed and listen for the sound of the engine RPM, and find myself makeing adjustments in the lever as I drive. How do I take the slop out of my gearshift selector lever?

problem finding the oil sending unit