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Who rebuilds water pumps for a Cat 3208 Truck?

manifold bolt broken flush with manifold. headpipe warped and leaking exhaust from both places. 1990 motorhome with 460.

I have the '93, 7.3l non turbo diesel and when temps get above 70degF and my engine is warmed up, I shut the truck off but unable to restart if it sets for more then 15 min or so. I pour a little water over the top of the injection pump while the key is in the ON position and truck starts back up and runs fine. It has been suggested that the fuel shutoff solenoid is sticking because of the excess heat around the engine after shutdown and the carbon buildup on the solenoid plunger not allowing it to open and allow fuel to the pump! My main question at this point is- Where is the shutoff solenoid located so I can disassemble and clean?

after unit does start, starts and runs fine. when it doesnt start, cranking on and off for long periods (sometimes with jumpering from another truck) it will splutter and start. Sometimes comming back 4-5 hours later it will then start on first crank. After cranking 3-4 min can smell gas and can hear fuel pump in tank in ign on position. 3 things
1) right angle rubber hose on exhaust man pass side, replaced 2) smaller right angle rubber hose behind carb (fuel injection)and tubing goes on drivers side toward front of engine, replaced. 3) Engine sensor top rear of block was coated in oil it was in excess, wiped down. is the cold start sensor at this location and can it caused this type of problem. I don't have a code reader. (yet).

where is ignition control module on 1997 Ford Truck F350 1 ton P/U 2WD 5.8L EFI 8cyl

my truck wont start

I have a quote of $950.00 to replace Left and Right Inner and Outer Tie Rod Ends plus and alignment, Is this reasonable. Thanks

hello i have a f350 and when im just cruising throught own at like second gear the transmission will shift up then back down and keep doing it till the trucks shift to drive what could be causeing that

Hi there, I have changed oil and washed the engine after that a drove 3 miles and suddnley the engine stop working, I try starting up the engine but it does not. what may be the problem? please help -

In January of 2010 I had to have the transmission rebuilt. The shop claimed I was pulling too heavy a load (approx. 12,000#). Once the unit was rebuilt and running, the "Check Engine Light" came on and no-one can find the cause. I have had the truck to two different dealers and four independent shops with the same results. "Can't find the reason". Any ideas?

The truck will drive and pull fine for weeks at a time then I have the following issues.

1. I'll drive down the road and the truck will slip out of gear and rev up. I can let off the gas so the rpms drop and it will go back in gear.

2. I'll drive down the road and the transmission doesn't completely disengage but the rpms will creep up and down, up and down. For example 70 MPH rpms will be 2300 most of the time. When this happens they will jump to 3000, stay there for a minute, then drop back down. This will repeat for a while. The next time I'm on the highway it will run fine.

I have had my truck to 2 different transmission shops and they tell me the transmission is fine. Apparently it's the first year the tranmissions had computers to the codes it provides are ok or they didn't have the equipment to read them.

Any thoughts?

my steering started acting weird when i turn on a/c or defroseter was getting stiff..then about two weeks later steering is allways stiff and now is making like a clicking or popping noise when i turn wheel sounds like it is coming out of the center of the steering wheel..its driving me crazy so if anyone can help i would be gratefull!!!!!

Problem is fuel gauge has not worked for a long time, has fuel in tank 7 or 8 gals. Where to start looking for trouble tank or gauge?

I had a few injectors on the same side leaking and bought the after market kit from nappa. the person replaced the caps and fuel lines only. Now the minor leaking is major. I found the box realised he didn't use the o-rings and now am having to change them my self. My question is what is the best method to remove old rings? Without damageing the injector (nicks)

if i dont start my truck for a day, it will fire up for a few seconds , then die. after a lot of cranking , will start again, and will be fine as long as i dont let it sit for a day. it seems to me that the fuel is bleeding back in the line and causing an air pocket. is there a check valve in the fuel linethat might not be working. jt has a new fuel filter and still acts the same.please give e your thoughts.

What is fuel pump pressure

What can cause the mounting bracket for the power steering pump to crack?

Headlights went out. Is there a relay that i need too replace.

brakes are loosing pressure put more brake fluid in it and it seems to be leeking on top off the engine. where is it coming from.

My gas mileage on my f-350 super0duty is poor. I purchased the truck after it had sat for a year.Could the throutle body need to be replaced znd would the throutle body affert gas mileage drasticlly?

How do you take a heater out and replace it with a new one?

only 68000 miles. skips when cold and when hot. New plugs= wires-etc.ADDED fi CLEANER {TECHRON) and dry gas. ?????

stalls while driveing two times a day starts back up after a couple of minutes

Just the other day I had to come to a sudden stop to avoid a head on collision. After the incident, the OD light kept on blinking, nothing I tried made it go away. Finally I thought about disconnecting the battery terminals. Once I connected the battery, the problem went away. Why did I experience this problem? How a sudden stop affect the performance of the transmission?

How to remove broken ignition barrel and install new ignition? Just happened don't know where to start.

1st incident, driving my truck and just dies? however she starts up after 5min. 2nd driving home friday traffic she just dies no other sign of anything wrong try to start her she just whines, get truck towed home and she starts right up.

how to check transmission fluid

drove fine on monday, went to drive on thursday and would not start. switched to rear tank and it started right up. could it be a bad fuel pump in the front tank or a valve of some sort. i have noticed that it has been running a little sluggish and using more gas than normal

I got a 97 ford f350 with the 5.8 and its 4x4 auto and i think the transmission harness is bad or coroded what transmission is in it is it the saem as my 92 ford f350 wit hte 7.3 diesel it has the e4od can i take that harness and use it its new lasy year the 5.8 tranny shifts good but it had its moments it will shift ahrd and sometime not shift outta second but u shut it off and wait a little while and it shifts but then will kinda shift a lil hard once in a while not all thetime

i dont have any brake lights.
The fuse is good.
i have turn singles and tail lights