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My cat convertor lasted 10K and turned blue also. I have replaced EVERYTHING several times over (8 manifolds, two cat convertors, o2 sensors, egr valve, etc.) Even replaced the motor with a low mileage used one,11,000 miles ago. Been to several dealers that keep wanting to replace the same parts over and over. This has been going on since I bought the truck at 135,000 miles. Any clues?
could it be the clutch or something internal?
Truck has a gerling brake system,and it has a thumping noise in the brake pedal and the pedal shifts back and forth a little each time you hear the only does it when the parking brake is released,the noise seems to be traveling down the pressure hose from the pump.

any info on this would be helpful Thanks
wipers do not work
On a Ford 8000 chassis,where is the clutch master cylinder located?
when i came back to calif. i was about 3mi to go then i had engine power loss could not go up the slightest hill only 3 to 10 miles per if i speed up the engine turns off. waited awhile then inched my way to thousand trail. what could be the problem could it be vacuum or electrical could you answer on this page thanks

Truck jut got out of a transmission rebuild and engines was runnin great before and now overheats and won't go over a certain speed and needs high RPMs to change gears.
my truck idles fine but when I go down the road it gets a mis in it I changed the plugs, coil, wires, cap, rotor, cap and plugs and still cant find the problem anyone out their help me out I hope someone has some ideas
Had just put my plow on went bout 30 miles on highway and smoke started to pour out of coolant over flow tank. Stopped and checked it the cover blew off. I made a make shift one and got about another 10 miles and the top radiator hose blew off! Fixed that and got another 10 miles before it was pour smoke everywhere, complete white out. There was no pressure in top or bottom hoses and top was hot bottom was stone Cold. Is this a bad head or could it b something as simple as a thermostat.... Mind u my temp gage doesn't work but truck was fine for the 70mile trip to go get the plow... FYI it's a 89 f350 7.3 diesel turbo! Thanks for ur advice!!!!
using too much oil, not leaks, no smoke, plenty of power
it only sounds when I drive in potholes I have already change both top and bottom ball joints also all tie rod ends and still
misfire and quitting during acceleration when warm
Sometime the engine cranks easily and the next time it will hardly turn over.
I just replaced plugs, wires, cap and roter. I readjusted the wire routing. Still rough running and misfiring
Oil changed less than 4000 miles
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