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Meaning the back drums and front calibers, I also have replaced the booster, master cylinder, & the ABS block on the frame for the back brakes only. I used the Haynes auto manual & procedures to bleed the system properly as well as installation. I have got a good petal to start with but it will leak down if I hold it down for a short period of time so I'm totally confused on what is going on here any suggestions will be greatly appreciate.
I was plowing yesterday morning and I went to the gas station to get diesel I get in to leave and put it in gear and no motion what so ever just a little crawl .. I added some aft and was able to drive about 5-6 miles and leaked out again I stopped and looked under and it's just pouring out of the drain on the bell housing what seal would that be????? Please help
5 speed manual transmission fluid capacity and type
how must will it cost
One is a bolt and the other is a long stud
do i need a loaded booster
Takes 10min to get it started need help
truck is "88" never a problem like this, has fuel, new filter,just cranks an cranks till batterys get low,no computer, hope you can help,its been sittong for about two weeks now!thanks
I have a 1997 Pace Arrow motor home on a Ford platform. All signal lights work fine but only 3 of the 4 hazard lights work. the right front signal light is the issue. any suggestions??
I Have pulled both filters the in tank pump is pumping revs up strong and then dies idles ok but then dies in a minute I have to pump the gas peddle to get it going it does backfire a bit on starting but runs not bad, but when it decides to quit there is no coaxing it, it just quits. the oil pressure is great. please any direction.
My volt gauge is down around 9 or 10 when idling. I installed a new alt and new batteries and it would stay around 14/15 volts, but now only 8/9 when at idle. The terminals for the battery cables are clean but very have been corroded due to old battery leaking.
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