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fluid level is fine and not burnt
Radiator had pressure built up prior to taking cap off, was very low. Overflow tank was VERY full. When running after filling radiator noticed a lot of small bubbles in coolant, almost looked like carbonation in soda style bubbles.
Like to See a list of reasons for the spilt and sputter and miss in my truck.
Been almost two years since we bought a uhaul truck and never could get all monitors ready. Tried drive cycles but hard to do here in L. A. With no place to run the cycles correctly. Doesn't seem fair to junk a great running truck because can't get a smog check unless all monitors are ready. Even the State Board smog mechanic couldn't help. Having to run the cycle on 3/4 full tank gets VERY expensive too.
I want to take the cab off of my 93 f-350 and put it on my 88 f-450 but the f-450 had a diesel and the f350 is a gas 460 i was wonding if the cab swap will beable to get leagel
It's a beautiful truck only used for towing horses in a trailer
auto transmission seems to slip from overdrive to drive causing rpm's to get to high and slips in just drive more often the meter reading on the selenoids was the same in the first 2 [about20.2 approx. on all]it has new filter and fluid and did not smell burnt and also not to much shavings or trash in filter not at magnet in pan
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