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2005 F350 6.0 turbo 4x4 dually - When pulling my tow hauler uphill (Donner pass or Tehachapi), I go about 35 to 45 miles an hour because the truck develops power and heat issues. If I drop in behind a big rig and follow them I have no issues. However, If I go any faster, the truck seems to loose power. The RPMs will kick up but the truck seems to NOT have power. The cooling fan will kick on and the temperature gauge rises up to the over heat (red) mark. The temperature will almost immediately drop back to normal when I let off the throttle. It also feels like the transmission is lost and in between gears. The turbo will also whine and whistle. Last year I was told that I needed the Turbo, oil cooler, EGR cooler, fuel pump and fan sensor replaced to take care of this problem. This was all done and the problem still occurs. There was 70k miles on the truck when this happened. The symptoms again are: sensation of transmission slipping, temperature gauge soring to redline, whining and whistling of turbo, cooling fan coming on and then temperature gauge redlines, no power and no real acceleration from a dead start. All this happens and no Check engine light or error codes come up. I have met other owners of this year and size truck and toy hauler same weight as mine that do not have this problem. (So they say). It is also important too know that this problem has occurred twice with no trailer attached and on flat ground. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Am trying to replace front rotors.
I cannot get rotor off axle. Not sure exactly what is holding it on.
I can't tell if I am supposed to remove something in the center of the rotor.
even after its pluged in
why does my air conditioning only blow out of the defroster
gas was put into our 2013 F 350, it had 23 miles left on it with diesel fuel in it before the gas....drove 5 miles..didnt stall or sputter or to where i was going, parked and turned off truck and went back to start it and wouldnt start..towed to FORD.....they drained the gas and replaced fuel lines..test drove it and it died...(5 days to do this) now they say entire fuel system needs replace at a cost of 8800.00!!!(original estimate was 1665.00) please tell me this is robbery and not an actual cost...
I was informed that the cause of the engine light on in my truck is the airbag--informed it wouldn't work properly or won't deploy if in a crash, yet it's not covered under any recall. It's never been deployed/activated.
I have power steering when I'm accelerating, but asoons as i let off the accelerator, i have no power steering and the brake pedal goes to the floor. It stops but barely.
I bought A 2008 F350 at a buy here pay here with 190,000 miles on it . It's only been about 10 days I have no warranty so I have to go to my own mechanic but after a few days I started getting this fan noise like a air blower under the driver side of the hood but it's not constant
, it's only if I'm stuck at a red light for too long and start to go again or sitting in park and then I'll go again but it stopped after a few seconds but even if I put the pedal to the floor the truck doesn't go like it should I tell that fan sound goes away. Well this morning I went to the gas station came back out and let my truck on in my temperature was almost in the red and I just had all my fluids checked about five days ago and everything was good. Any thoughts and I'm praying it's something cheap because I don't have a lot of money and my mechanic doesn't have an opening until the 17th
wait a few more minutes let it idle and then it'll go againwhat is wrong with it is it a fuel line and fuel line change filters what
Checked fuses & relays ok
High beam ind works. Oil fuel tack speedo
Temp gauges don't work.
i bought a 2008 ford f350 turbo diesel 4 months ago from faulkner in west chester pa and my up pipe from the turbo is broken and carbon monoxide is coming through my air vents should this be covered through my warranty?
i would like to increase the hp for towing purposes since i am a plummer. this would decrease my cost per job if i can tow my own equipment.
I think theTraction control sensor came loose after a blow because the traction light stays on and a see a cable hanging from the differential I think that might be it just don't know where it connects to. Can some please help me I'm a girl and know little of basic but nothing that has to do with technology
Truck will idea after warm touch gas pedal and boggs down let up ideas a1100 rpm. Changed fuel pump,dropped tank cleaned tank blowout both line, bought all kinds of sensors please help
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