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How to repair rusted metal to stop water leaking on both sides of truck and stop electronics shorting out system.
Occurs when sitting not while driving
Truck gose forward even when in reverse
It's started blowing clouds of white smoke out of exqust & using lots of antifreeze/water & getting hot every 5miles haven to fill reservoir back up also gage is showing HOT & check gage is coming on wen it runs out or gets low of water/antifreeze??? Is it the head gasket blown or what exactly is it??? THANK U,VERY MUCH..
Battery drain issues... irratic power drain over 24 to 48 hour period. Dealer can't find source of drain.
My f350 is a 6.4 power stroke diesel
Very frustrating. Numerous batteries replaced. New alternator installed & still occurring. It seems possessed!
The truck is cooling just fine until I come to a stop then stops Cooling starts cooling again when I take off and start driving
shifted fine yesterday, tried once today to go into Overdrive, but would not codes
88 degree day. Full tank of gas. Kinda sputtered twice during restart attempts. Could it be the brain box CPU thing or is it fuel filters or pump? The vehicle has run incredibly well ever since I bought it in 2002. I am the only owner and van has had regular maintenance ongoing every 3 to 5 thousand miles. Triton V-10 Engine, 15 passenger Van with towing package.
I hear the engine idle down and no power at the foot pedal can put pedal to the floor and does not rev motor. When it happens it's like for 3-5 secs then I have acceleration back at the pedal
drove it home on Friday. It sat over the weekend , nothing happened on Monday
Codes 7e6. 7ed 7e8
Climate control wont turn on
Was driving on the highway and my truck started losing power the just cut off so i pulled over amd it wouldnt crank had to get it towed back home. All it does now is cranks the cuts off and wint crank back up. Till i wait about 20 min. Please help
Why two batteries?
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