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If I shut it off will not start until it cools down
Max pickup from 60-70 k on flat and uphill max 50 down to 20, no sputtering. One time downhill engine failure at 40-50 k engine light came on. No stalls since. EGR was removed and cleaned and reinstalled. Some blue smoke on startup and 5-6 revs of engine before she starts. Have changed air cleaner and oil recently.
only can take off in low 2 and drive and reverse no low1 or overdrive was told it is electrical fuse check out all fuses and no change can it be the TSR module or other

All fuses are good! I replaced the flasher relay! I replaced the turn signal switch! When the brake is applied the turn signal light on dash comes on but only the front turn signal lights come on ! All light bulbs are good. The fuse for trailer turn signal blows not when I put it in but usually blowed the next time I check it! Any help would b greatly appreciated!!!
Seems this problem gets worse as the day gets warmer. Sometimes when pulling off it sputters hard, heavy black smoke pours out the pipe. It will clear up after a few seconds and runs great for the most part. It does sometimes sputter while running down the road, again it clears very quickly. I have replaced the EGR valve, it helped for about 2 months then the problem comes back. Not an everyday problem and the truck has never shown to be running hot. Thanks for any advise.
it goes top speed of 70 mph at 2100 rpm and it looses power going up small inclines
2001 Ford F350 Super Duty 5.4L V8
a/c only blows out defrost vents--need estimate on repair cost
Truck grounding out power on without key on
Radio don't work
only on when truck is idling or I stop accelerating
Truck shudders and loses power between 30 & 55 mpg. Abs light comes on intermittently, tachometer & speedometer jump around erratically when abs light is on. I have changed the fuel pump & plugs.
how do i reset ,no codes or pending ,but only 3 of 5 reset. drove it 220 miles
C1145 says right ftint speed sensor in malfunction
C1230 says wheel speed sensor malfunction
C1234 wheel speed right front input signal missing
C1229 rear speed sensor center coherency malfunction
These codes and phrases come up on diagnostic
Can you tell me what it means
Engine cutting out bad
No power when trying to accelerate
One machanic says its pcm
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