Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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At first start up a lil white smoke and Lil power after warm up all good but service engine soon light flickers on and off
loss of power well after warm up sometimes it just clears up runs normal doesn't stall no dash lines
I was told that I was needing to replace the EGR in my truck and I can't locate where the EGR is at can someone help
Any ideas what this could be.

My 2009 F350 Super Duty (6.4 diesel) seems to run fine without the trailer that I've towed for two years. With the trailer behind it will barely run 35 mph with no pulling power. Check engine light is not on.
Head light doesn't come on when using low beam but works fine on high beam
Sounds like fan motor or transmission cooled going on and off constantly
I have a Ford F-350 super duty 6.7 turbo dually, lariat edition with 188,000 miles. The fifth wheel is rated for 20000 lbs. Just changed transmission fluid and filter. Early March have only pulled 2 fifth wheels one weekend weighing 18k. All figures are give.
egr failure,deleted at approx 80000 miles.had engine chipped to add approx.75 h.p. at around 96000 started seeing coolant loss but not liquid but white residue at coolant resevoir. seems to occur more under moderate to heavy towing any ideas ?
When I start the truck a puff of blue smoke comes out of the exhaust
What does it cost to replace piston seals
Truck starts and runs fine. Shifting from Park into gear I have to press brake pedal down extremely hard , then it will go into gear. Brake lights come on with minimal brake pedal. I have been given 2 recommendations. Brake light stop switch ( if brake lights don't come on easily ) or shift lock actuator.
I have 2008 Ford F350 King Ranch with a 6.4L engine. I can drive the truck for a free days with it not stop running. There are days that the engine will stop running. I can get the engine restarted after about 5 attempts. I can go a few miles or days when the problem returns. Battery warning light comes on and I lose all power to steering and brakes. Problem started after the fuel filters were changed and the fuel line were bleed.
High fuel rail pressure only when the outside temperature is above 65° no codes or problems all winter long
Sometimes when making a right turn feels like the steering is tight and when completing turn the front end is unstable to road conditions.
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