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my radio would not turn off so i removed the radio and now my my wipers are on and will not switch off
in the engine?
when i replace the fuse it lasts a couple of days then blows out at cold start
when I turn it off, it takes 45- 1 hour for it to start back up.
There are times when I would like to silence the factory installed back-up warning beeper (the one the warns folks outside the truck when I am backing up).
has done this several times, wait until sun goes down and it will start
Doesn't sense a trailer (won't work trailer brakes-was intermittently sensed like a loose connection. Now nothing.) Is sensing
in the brake connection? Where might be the problem? (Got a ground reading through electromagnet on brakes.)
Every time I 1st crank up guge is blank. Came on 10 min later. Up to 39-40 min now.
This happened 3 times last year, when I get in the truck blower motor doesn't cone on till I'm driving and hit a bump. The last week it's been happening almost everytime. When it finally comes on all the blower speeds works until I turn the truck off, then starts over again. My brother replaced the blower resistor, but it's still doing the same thing.
I've read a few articles and really looks like the motor needs to be replaced.
Anybody ever dealt with this before?
Does this only when cool fan is plugged in. If unplugged, no issues.did this when after market fan clutch was installed.
i want to fix the problem so I want to can it be fixed and if so how much will it probably cost me to have fixed?
truck shakes on idle and when accelerating. best description is like its not getting enough fuel. sometimes stinky smell lean or rich? I put in injector cleaner and some ultra gas instead of the 87 octane. truck has quit while driving at least 20 times in last year. plugs were done 3 years ago. i have a bad habit of running truck low on fuel. truck runs like its skipping. it chugs on hills. If i put my foot down it will downshift and give me power but then goes back to shaking in the steering wheel fuel pedal and motor
We have to buy a rebuilt motor for a truck and they asked us if are truck has an EGR system and we have no idea. How would we find out question mark it's got the original motor in it right now. Thank you
The truck has been gradually getting harder to start, it is now taking about 20-30 seconds of cranking to build oil pressure to start the engine. After that it bogs down on accelerating and can sometimes stall. It seems to be getting worse. I had the IPR valve replaced with the more fail proof version 20,000 miles ago.Could it be the HPOP, fuel injectors, or something else?
The box is 57ins long. What kind of kit do you have for this as the sides of the bed are not flat.
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