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Starts ok, shifts through 3rd gear but when I reach drive then a total lack of power going up incline. Replaced fuel filters which didn't help. Had transmission flushed and new filter which didn't help. Could my problem also be the high pressure oil pump which other owners reported and how do I verify or test if this is the problem. If yes, then what can I expect to spend to replace it (Parts and Labor). Is there an after market good quality one available and how would I find it? Thanks!
Truck bucks 1-2 times prior (like running out of Fuel).
Then stalls. replaced Fuel filters no luck
Replaces fuel pump no luck
dropped tank to check pickup and see condition of tank all clean
any ideas?
In the morning truck fires up easily howevere after i drive it for any length of time and shut the engine down it can take up to 15-30 seconds cranking to fire. Sometimes it will take multiple times 15-30 seconds cranking to actually start. When it does truck runs fine. Changed fuel filters put on computer no codes baffling
When it turns over will not even fire then when it does start runs normal with no power loss. Does not do this all the time
it shuts off when raining< changed cam sensor,relay switch, resealed the windshield ,alternator,batteries. It starts back up, and will run unless its raining. then it shuts off within 15 mins, if you restart it , it will only run for 5 more mins. Nothing codes, all ground has been checked. no sign of corrosion on fuse box or any wires.
I own a 2000 f-250 super duty. Just bought it. Do I need to lock my hubs or does it do it automatic ?
Showing wrench, check engine light, and low oil pressure signs on dash menu cranks over but will not start
I've replaced it 3 times in 1 week
i change the altenator,power motor and battery,but still with the same problem.
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