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Speedo Indcates normally most under most other conditions

The temp gauges shut down the check gage light comes on and the check engine symbol comes on, when I run the codes I get none, I reset the codes and then a short time later it happens again the truck it self is running good I am not sure what is going on.

I feel it is front end and it is significantly worse if I am towing a trailer and progressively worse the heavier the tow. I have had my mechanic add the additive and no improvement. The bearings were also just changed with no improvement

It also has a thunderous sound to it as well and only when slowing down. I had a ball joint replaced on the front right a couple of months ago and the left one replaced a year ago. The vibration just started though.

Check gauge

ford replace the pedals because of grease leakage. Now the pedals make noise more when it is cold outside. the mechanic says pedals should not have been replace but now I have the noise that the mechanic can not hear. sometimes it drowns out the radio. my kids and wife can here it. does anyone know a solution? I have been told it may be low of grease but I feel like the ford mechanics don't know how to repair it so they act like they don't hear the noise. it makes the noise when I push the brake pedal.

engine cranks but wont turn over

After fixing leak at the pipe and manifold (left bank) and replacing ALL O2 sensors that cat code came up. Any fixes other than replacing Cat?

This code keeps popping up.

I also seen black water leaking from my muffler

All at about the same time my check engine came on and my truck began to lose power and mis-fire and when I pressed heavily on the throttle the truck would not respond or took some time to respond to the throttle pressure. I have 195K miles on my 2003 F-250 Super-Duty 7.3L V8 Diesel Turbo;what could cause this to happen?

I have changed the coil and the plugs out.

problem gets worse when accellerating

I started my truck after it sat for a day from the cold weather. It ran fine when I used it last. Now my abs and brake light is on when I start it and it stays on. Need help please.

spent a lot of money having it worked on injectors/ head/ starter/filters all chip/just a few other things

Recently ran out fuel. Have since replaced the CPS, the water separator, and changed the oil. Two different times, it has quit in the road. Yesterday, I turned it off and had to have it towed home. This morning, it started perfectly. Any ideas?

changed out key switch.i took loose ignition module and can push the pin down to start.

now when barely breaking abs kicks in... what would cause this is it just a fuse or the abs mod

Truck stays plugged up on cold days it starts fine but has no power even when engine temp has got to running temp like trans is slipping but on warmer days it run perfectly fine no problems at all any ideas???

The front end starts humming radomly, I can swith to 2x4 on the dash and it quits. Doesnt do it all the time and it has just started in the past few days. Switch it off and its ok untill it decides to do it again. Any ideas appreciated

All equipment in my truck works but sometimes when I start up the windows, radio, fan, etc will not work. I can hit the dash over the steering wheel with the hills of both hands and everything will come back on. Sometimes with the engine on or off and the radio on I can open the glove box and the radio will go off. Is it a ghost?

I bought this truck pre owned and I sure the coolant is factory

Can't get air from all modes only the dash vents, wondered if cold weather was a factor but I verified that was not the fact. Is it a vacuum concern or a sticking blend door?

My truck will not fire off. It just turns over and every now and then it will fire up. I have tried either in it and it still will not start. I started having problems with it just every now and then but now it has not stated in about a week of trying. It turns over great but seems like it is not firing. Please help me please.

My side view mirrors only have power but when I convert them to the tow side view mirrors can I get the heated mirror version?

Have eneyone had this problem on there truck it is a 7.3

I seem to be losing coolant slowly but I can't tell where, but heat still doesn't work after I refill coolant. Another symptom is normal temperature while running but gets hot when at a idle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

have to use either to start it. when it starts it only running on 2 to 3 cylinders. had glow plugs checked out, there Ok. After motor reaches operating temp it will start with no problems all day,leave it over night, And plugged in & the next cold morning it will not start.

Sizable amount of oil for overnight. Ran truck for 10-15 mins then shut it off. Some what Rapid and steady drip. Any ideas? Hoping its nothing major. Truck has 250,000 miles on it. Thanks

floorboard when applying Brakes. Cannot find anything loose?