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the tach quit working a month ago but seem to shift fine. can you send picture of what sensor looks like and where to find it?
I replaced the ekg and the check engine light is still on is there anything else that can make the check engine light to come on and say it's the ekg after you put a new one in so if the ekg is new can it be something else in the ekg system

I have a 2002 F250 V10 that is running hot. Truck runs fine at first and then after a while the temperature gauge rises to the red, engine bogs down and heater blows cold the entire time. I replaced the thermostat which didn't fix the problem. Took it to a shop and shared my suspicion that I thought it was maybe the heater core. they insisted that it was the radiator. I purchased a brand new aluminum radiator and that didn't fix the problem. I was thinking about bypassing the heater core this weekend but thought I'd check out here to see if anyone has run across this before?

I purchased a replacement FICM that my mechanic requested and while waiting for it to be shipped he tells me I will need a excelerator pedal sensor also.
My wait to start light does not come on when I turn the key to on now it started about 3 days ago the truck died on me all the sudden so what do you think the problem will be
Windows and radio still have power after key is off and door has been opened up
Checked all fuses and relays all were good
It does not seem to be fuse or relay .as I drive wipers come on slow then when I get out of truck radio stays on ..there is no noise ..
have replaced the sensors in the rear end and transmission. had engine light on but changing sensors no longer have that problem.
2 weeks ago while on expressway, truck shut itself off, ive replaced alternator, starter, solenoid, ignition switch, and it shows no code errors. when you turn on the key all dummy and interior lights come on, it makes one loud click like you would hear if your battery were low, and thats it. Click. Truck was running great the day before. its just had a tune up, new plugs and coils, new timing belt, new radiator to transmission hoses, new radiator overflow bottle, new heater core, new radiator cap and thermostat,new front brakes and pads..
especially on hills and it won't take the gas. New fuel pump and filter.
I think maybe ps pump making sound similar to that if you blow over top of a bottle. Noise not reproducible or constant. Thx
the ford website states 405 lb ft - 385 hp for vehicles under 10k gvwr and 397 lb ft - 316 hp for vehicles over 10k gvwr. my truck is 10k gvwr is that considered over or under???
heres what happen ,,i was having problems with my radar detector that was hard wire to a positive wire that only came live when turning the key on ,,the positive wire on the radar detector made contact the ground ,and then i lost all power to my instrument panel and starting the truck,, checked all fuses and found no blown fuse,, what could this problem of lost of all starting power ..
when accelerating up hills or passing or just speeding up the turbo is building boost according to the gauge but you hear a loud hissing noise like an air leak noise stops when the engine levels out
We're is the signal and hazard flashers relay located at
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