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Truck act like its mis firing had a code come up p0022
It doesn't happen every time, but frequently enough. While turning the key to the first start position (waiting for glow plug light to extinguish) the windshield wipers will cycle themselves even though the position switch is off. I've checked the "courtesy wipe" feature in the vehicle menu and that was also checked off. I'm guessing a short in the relay?
We have installed a new transmission new radiator new trans cooler. Replaced everything. We can drive for about 30 miles on the highway when the trans temp will start to climb with in two miles the trans is over heated. We have verified the trans temp not just trusting the gauge. We let it sit for 20 min. and can go another 30 miles before it does it again. Checked to make sure exhaust was not a factor. All the lines are clear no bends or restrictions. If anyone has any Ideas Please help.
After running when I tern it off for about a hour I can not restart have to wait at least 12 hours ?
I just need the necessary tools to replace the struts and the rear shocks on a 4×4 f250 heavy duty 4 door 2009 truck runs on gas
running along and just quits, sits 10 mins and starts up and goes a few more miles and same thing, I installed a good brand fuel pump module and filter back in october last year, no codes are set, no check eng, light, cranks fine seems like a ignition system power problem?
A/c blew cold when i got it 6 mths ago but not very hard also i run out of coolant n have no leaks 2006 ford f250 king ranch super duty
My 2015 F-250 diesel has 47,000 miles on it and I have never had any problems. Recently the “service advancetrac” light came on. The next time I started the truck every single warning light on the dash lit up and the truck would not start. I had it towed to the dealership. They told me that it started right up for them the next day. They also said that everything on the truck was in perfect working order. Less than two months later my truck just did the same thing. Service Advanctrac light came on, then the very next time I went to start the truck it was completely dead. I would welcome any suggestions considering the last time it happened the dealership said it was fine. Thank you!

Whenever the truck is out of 4 wheel drive, the front driveshaft keeps turning going down the road. Why does it do that?
I put my truck on a computer and it read bad ficm or wire. I put 2 of them on there and it started for 3 minutes and shut off. Yesterday I put another one on and it started and drove for 30 minutes and just shut off while driving. Please help.
03 f250 4×4 leaking at the wheel. Is there a iner seal by the differential and a outer oil seal by the wheel and calaper
Horn is not working even when panic button is pushed. Fuse is good. And don't know where relay or horn is located.
-Clean Evaporator coil - All Servos work properly - Blower motor sounds fast - All Fan speeds work - No blockages in ducts - Mode button moves all servos correctly.

I did notice something odd, when I select front vents and normal a/c those two buttons light up. If I choose forward vents, max air, recirculate, the a/c button stays on and the vent light goes out. But the mode button works as it should it just don't stay lit with max air on.
Light just came on now check engine light stay on where do i look when no.3 cylinder is not working don't have plugs so what is it
On my 2012 f-250 powerstroke with single zone climate control, my blend door is not working correctly. When the truck first starts the blend door is getting signal to stay on hot even if my control switch is set to cold. It could be 30 seconds or 20 minutes after the truck starts and the blend door starts working correctly. I have not been able to correlate the time it starts working correctly with any other function in the truck, it seems random. I replaced the blend door actuator but the issue persists. I can actually feel that the blend door is not moving when I move my temp control switch. Then randomly it will start working and I can feel the blend door moving. (I have part of the dash removed to feel this) Once it starts working it does not stop working again until I turn the truck off. It only gets stuck on hot never on cold. I'm thinking either the ac control module or the ac temp sensor but don't want to just throw parts at the truck. Please Help!
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