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2 weeks ago while on expressway, truck shut itself off, ive replaced alternator, starter, solenoid, ignition switch, and it shows no code errors. when you turn on the key all dummy and interior lights come on, it makes one loud click like you would hear if your battery were low, and thats it. Click. Truck was running great the day before. its just had a tune up, new plugs and coils, new timing belt, new radiator to transmission hoses, new radiator overflow bottle, new heater core, new radiator cap and thermostat,new front brakes and pads..
especially on hills and it won't take the gas. New fuel pump and filter.
I think maybe ps pump making sound similar to that if you blow over top of a bottle. Noise not reproducible or constant. Thx
the ford website states 405 lb ft - 385 hp for vehicles under 10k gvwr and 397 lb ft - 316 hp for vehicles over 10k gvwr. my truck is 10k gvwr is that considered over or under???
heres what happen ,,i was having problems with my radar detector that was hard wire to a positive wire that only came live when turning the key on ,,the positive wire on the radar detector made contact the ground ,and then i lost all power to my instrument panel and starting the truck,, checked all fuses and found no blown fuse,, what could this problem of lost of all starting power ..
when accelerating up hills or passing or just speeding up the turbo is building boost according to the gauge but you hear a loud hissing noise like an air leak noise stops when the engine levels out
We're is the signal and hazard flashers relay located at
It has a slight squeaking noise while in operation. It's a full time noise.
I am trying to start the truck in -24 degrees Celsius and I am new to diesel vehicles. The glow plug light on the dash is not obvious to me.
changed switch at master cylinder cleaned clockspring put on new switch on steering wheel. still not working
I just hear the relays click. Batteries are good.
2008 f250 sd 6.4 tubo diesel. it gets hot and barley blows air
was running great the wouldn't turn over after stopping it for 5 minutex
Got a new f250 super duty 4000 miles tail pipe getting extremely hot smell something burning .
installed a cd player in my 2004 f250 super duty and now have no power to the truck at all i checked all fuses and also checked my wiring again and still no poweri didnt unhook anything other than the factory radio how do i fix this..
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