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where is the (spout) wire at on a 4.9 6cylinder 1993 ford f-150?. to unplug so i can set the timing .thank you Joel

i need an estimate on replacing the rear differential in my Ford F150
my email is ---->
Thank you so much

procedure for replacement of the oil pump

I have an EST. of $855 to have a complete front disc brake job. which will be to replace the calipers, machine turn the rotors, add new metallic disc pads, replace the brake hoses and pack the front wheel bearing.
this seems high.Should I shop around?

lost fifth gear when driving,when not running put shifter were fifth is the reverse light comes on

In a Ford F150 4x4 how are the transaxles in the front wheel drive lubricated?
Thanks Walter

I have a leaking heater core. I have disconnected the hoses.
Is there any SAFE portble heater I can use inside the truck
until I get this repair done?

what should i look for if the steering is really loose. the truck is a 92 f-150 with new 6" lift new wheel bearings but has a lot of play in steering. i just bought it and the man said the steering pump had been changed but the steering had always been real sloppy

can i get this cut off my email

I forgot the code but while driving this truck you will loose accaration engine goes to idle but pull over and shut off for a few seconds it works normal for a while.

idle is always rough, this problem started as a result of
replacing the timing chains. Can this problem be a result
of improper timing between the two cams. Could this be the result of a vacum leak.Truck has approx. 220k miles

start up, runs for 5min., shuts off like the gas was cutted off. starts back up some times and run for 1 or 2 mins and shuts off again. This truck has 2 tanks, with electric pumps, you can hear both pumps run, I also changed the in-line fuel filter, what is going on with this truck, please help. My name is Larry, e-mail address:, cell# 404-300-3878. Thanks in advance.

driving down rood and quit

I have a 2000 F150 Manual Transmission. As I am traveling down the road, at times I notice a quick slip in the power to the wheels. This feels like a quick jerk. Is his likely a clutch problem or a bigger transmission problem. I am not hearing any unusual noise.

i have a short,i get shocked when i get out and close my door,and is the coil supose to be loose?

4 wheel dirve just drops out when I'm driving or sometime it will not engage

I recently purchased some wiper blades for my truck. I put them on & the one on the passenger side works fine. The one on the driver's side is not cleaning the windshield like it should. Is there some adjustment that can be made on the wiper arm to solve this problem?

cant get it in to 4x4 front hubs wont lock

estimate to replace transmission pan gasket and filter

The heater only gets warm. but the hose going into the core is hot and the return is only warm

need to remove and install chassis

Is the rear of the oil pan gasket part of the rear mainseal gasket?

Need a new front end. This model: straight/inline w a/c

I have a 98 ford f 150 and it has 200,000 miles how much would it cost to replace the timing belt? thank you

where is the sending unit found at

what to do if it say system too lean (bank 1 )

This is the first time the problem has occured. I received one estimate that seeemed extremely high.

my 1997 f150 is somewhat hard to steer and is making noises. She has fluid. about how much to repair steering pump and or steering motor, all in.

can not having my thermostat in cause a closed looped fuel circuit or egr valve to stick? my truck is bucking when i lightly press the accelerator. computer says it is egr valve or closed looped fuel circuit, it also picked up on the cold tempature of truck because of thermostat.

If there is no heater valve, what could possible be going on ?