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just started tonight, did it all way home 30 mile, not because of bumps. Did it
at random. Affects all lites.
needs new ones
Fan runs great. Heat is up on temp gauge and appears to be hot. Just no heat to the floor vents or to the floor of any significance. If the heat is turned to the upper vents it works great as does the defrost. Just no heat to the floor. Dealer tells me everything is okay? Fluid levels are fine. Even on high I only get a whisper to the floor vents. Help, My feet are cold.
is there a switch on transmission or where is it located at on this model. it wont start without oulling upon gearshift. is there an ajustment that can be made.
engine misses, bad idle
I've got a 2001 Ford f150, 5.4L V8. I seem to have an intermittent problem getting the engine started. For a month or so it seems to take a little longer to start. Today, when I tried to start it, it would sometimes turn the engine over but it would sputter and there'd be no power. It would only "run" like that for a few seconds before dying. I was able to get it home tonight eventually and once it was in the driveway it started twice in a row with seeming no problem.

I got a code scanner for Christmas that works with an app on my phone. It's got a feature that shows me "pending faults." I guess that's a spot where the computer has seen "trouble spots" but nothing to throw a code over. I don't know. But it says I have a "pending fault" of P0171 (System too lean).

Help me car guys! I only know enough to be annoying!
I just had comprehensive work done on my truck. And, the battery was checked and was perfect. Last night, Christmas Eve, no less, I was driving and the lights got dimmer/dimmer. I turned the truck off and it would not start. AAA charged the battery and it would start, but same issue. Any advice is appreciated.
Check engine on and flashing when you accl.
The truck turns over but won't start on occasion, like the ignition isn't firing . It only does it now and then but I don't want to get stranded .Is there a test to check the key, when it does it the theft light stays on.
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