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It stalls at stops or going in reverse unless I give it gas and hold brakes. Is there a idle gauge or is it another problem like the torque converter?
changed plenum gasket tune up and cut front cats out truck still runs rough what to do help
All the time
When it shuts off its sudden not like it's not getting fuel I can here fuel pumps when starting and when it shuts off does the same thing no matter what tank u use to start the truck what are some things I could check or is it even a fuel or lack there of issue
new fuel filter, plugs, cleaned MAF, cleaned IAC, no vaccume leaks found, New Air Filter. When if runs good it purrs perfectly. When it runs badly it idles up & down Fast and Cuts out on acceleration. Warning light is on.

I only have a problem when I put my ford f150 in drive, I can get to 25 mph then it acts like its in neutral if I let the gas I can feel I want to take off, I just cant get above 25 - 30 mph. If I rev the motor it acts like it will go then release right away again. All this happens only in drive, also will do the same if I have it in 4 hi. The engine light might flicker but no codes when it checked. Transmission fluid is fine. Any ideas
We are trying to find a transmission for it. Under the 8 Cyl, 330 cid (5.4L) They list 2 different TRANS. ID 1L3P-JA AND A ID YL3P-LA I HAVE THE 1L 3p JA. Can't seem to find 1. I did however find a YL3P-LA. What is the difference between the 2. and would either one work for this application??
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About 2 months ago i had a used trany put in my truck,it had 90,000 miles on it.Just recently i tried to put it in reverse and there was nothing there, just like it was in Nuetral.I shut off my truck and 2 hrs later i started it and it went into reverse but ever since then i cant get it into reverse,any ideas.
As your going down the road it will start missing an almost dies until you let off the gas. You can idol and give it very little gas and get up to 25 to 30 mpr. It does it a lot when rainy
Had it in the shop & they could not find the problem.
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