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When I went to change the plug in my 4.6 it was soaking wet with what appears to be motor oil. Where would this be coming from? I pulled it do to a "#6 cylinder misfire first 1000 rpm engine code."

i am buying this truck want to know what type trans it has told trans needs lts of work want know what rebuilt might cost if needed

Am trying to replace fuel filter, need to know where thr relay is located so I can shut off fuel flow

I have a ground wire that burned into. Wire is connected to the fire wall,but I cannot find were it goes to. I have brought two batteries and two starters. Need to know were this ground wire goes.

Will my brake fluid need to be changed when the Brake Booster Vacuum Hose is replaced.

would engage for last 2 weeks - without indicator light coming on. Yesterday, would not engage.

What is the problem and how do I fix?

Needs oil pan gasket, Whats total cost to replace

I have a rumbling in my front differential on my 2002 F-150 4x4. What am I looking at in cost to repair.

My head lights don't work. I have replaced the bulbs, the multi function switch and the light switch as well as the fuse under the hood. when I flip the bright light passing on it works so I know the bulbs are good. is there something that I am missing thanks....

do u think seafoam is a good idea to use?

How much to take off - rebuild and install automatic transmission.

My engine is making a constant loud whinning sound the whole time I have it cranked.

When I crank my truck it makes a whinning sound constantly

The truck has always run good sinse i baught it in 2004.I
was told it needed muffler $ they say it needs cat.
converter!Can anyone help me find the converters for less
than $2000.I will really appreciate it. Thanks

How do I remove the steering wheel? I need to check why it is loose.

Air Bag light keeps blinking. Dealer said he didn't know why but thought it would still work.

What is the minimum thickness of a rotor for the above mentioned vehicle before it has to be replaced?

cost to replace oil pan

When I turn the heater on regardless of how long I let the Truck warm-up it still blows cold air. How big of a repair job would this be?

engine turns over but want fire, have had two fuel pumps replace in two months. Started acting up again this week.Cant here the fuel pump come on, sometimes can try to crank it later and it might or might not. Its like its not getting power, what can cause this , also can something cause the pump to go bad

the price i received is alot higher. price for the spark plugs and labor is 538.28 and 2 spark plugs have to be removed from the engine head. they are broke off in the head and it would be an extra charge of 88.81 to due this work. is this to expensive for this work?

dome light stays on had to pull fuse is there a switch that works this

drove truck for about a week with check engine light on broke down at a red light would not move no forward gear only reverse.

Is there a special tool to release the fuel line fittings from ends of the fuel filter?

Light stays on for about 2 mins and goes off when driving, and internal cab alarm stays on when driver side door is open with engine off.

have to replace my rod bearings. bought new ones anyone have any info/tips on how to remove rod bearings from my 98 ford f 150 xlt?

Last month I had a complete rear brake job. COST me $711 I had the drums replaced a new spring kit and pads.
Then this month my front brakes were locking up. I was then told I needed a complete front brake job. which included 2 new clipers, new hoses, pads and rotors turned. COST $855.

how long does it take to replace knock sensor on 4.2 v -6

i jus installed my second tranny and it keeps shifting very hard! i wanna kno if there is a control module that may need to be cleared.