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loud whinning noise when the truck is running
My truck revs when I'm idle and randomly won't accelerate sometimes
I have good oil pressure but pulling a boat it drops when I come to a stop it will even have light come on change oil pump
My 1998 F150 5.4 V8 has 32,861 original miles. Battery light came on and won't go off. I have owned the truck for 6 months and have put 1000 miles on it since I got it. With engine off battery reads 12.3 volts, engine running battery reads 14.41 volts. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Everything just happened yesterday but transmission has been dropping out of gear for sometime now.
Our truck will not start in Park (which is normal). I have to start in Neutral. What is the problem?
Heater fan stuck on high, no lights to heater control panel. Cool is hair blows only. Temp select not working. Switching to defrost or feet or center blower doesn't work at all
Thanks so much. F150, 2004, automatic. 4 dr. Has AC
drivers side all four coils dont fire
Turn climate control to heat blowing cold air
Fuse box location for cigarette lighter
New clutch.....was having problems with truck not running when in gear....only reverse works....changed clutch and still gear shift linkage is not connected properly
2007 Ford f150 FX4. Electrical problem with 4x4. Sometimes works sometimes not. Replaced solnoid still nothing. No lights on dash indicating 4x4 or sound of transfer case ingaging. Just for fun I tried it on my way home tonight I could hear the transfer case and had lights on dash...4x4. Sounds electrical. Just moved from California where it only rained. Did not use 4x4 for two years. Moved to Idaho in June and needed 4x4 but got nothing when I flipped switch. Messed with fuses none bad. Checked # 11, 28, and 29, all good. Put fuse panel back together then I had a reading light start working that has been out for about 1 year. It only worked for1 day, now doesn't work again. Does my truck use a GEM module or VSM to work the 4x4 system? Where are they located? Thank you.
my problem is that my 2000 f-150 truck feels like its floating off the road at 30+mph (had all new tires- upper/lower tie rods -ball joints (2) front end alignments. had tires balanced 2 times) its been in two shops both are stumped to what the problem is. have not been able to use truck in 3 months!! can you please (HELP ME) PLEASE!!! hawkeye
occasionally i hear a grinding noise coming from the left front tire. sometimes it occurs when i bake and other times it occurs when i make a right turn or when i drive at slow speeds. what do you think it may be. is it a serious problem and is it expensive to repair. my truck is 4 wheel drive.
Wanting to know where the fuel tank is located won’t switch from tank to tank
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