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No power at selector switch

The vehicle was hard to start this morning. Engine turned over fine just did not fire up right away. once running both the fuel light and oil light stayed on. This truck has the v-6 engine.

I replaced everything from fuse, relay, fan speed switch, resistor, blower motor, still not working, what's next please!!

Want to buy a Ford F-150 and want to know if there are any known issues.

There's an oil leak in my 2001 4.2 v6 f150 it's a mild leak not small or big, but noticable. I was wondering what's a good sealer that wouldn't harm the engine run with 5w 20 full synthetic oil. The leaks kinda by where the tranny mounts by the motor.

How do i check the fuel rail pressure ?

I have tried flushing out my heater core by flushing it out using the outlet hose.

Then I was going to try changing out the blend door using a kit and cutting through the heater box with a dremel tool. I was able to cut around the heater box only to notice that the blend door is working fine.

I have also checked the temperature and it heats up properly. What else should I check before I change my heater core.

The last time I drove the truck was a 52 mile trip and when I put it in park before I turned it off the rims shot up like I tapped the gas but I didn't and I shut it off. It started fine so I did my thing and cam back I started it to drive home and I was entering the freeway and around 45 mph when I was accelerating it went weak the strong then weak the strong, I drove it like 2 miles and it just wouldn't go any faster. I let it sit in my yard and it started just fine a week later but smoking a little but some fluid drips a little behind the headers, and when it sits more than 2 or 4 mins it's idle gets weak like it's bubbling the rpms. I want to fix it unless it's too expensive lol. And the tranny is like barely over filled but it has a leak as well as the engine.

What replacement tool

When running at 30mph then let off gas the truck shakes and makes a loud rattle. I have an expedition that does same thing but not has bad.

90% of my air is COLD. Sometimes "warm" air will come through. What's the problem? Thank you for any feedback. Dave

My pick-up is a 2001 Ford F-150 5.4 triton. I have replaced the thermostat, flushed the whole system, replaces the blend door aculator, and the blend door. What else could it be?

Every time it drops below freezing temps the gas pedal is frozing.

Does this at stop lights or at idle. After sitting for minutes or hours, It will restart and run fine. 5.4L Triton engine. Shop reports no engine codes.

Problem has been ever since I bought the vehicle used, 1 owner about 3 months ago. The interior curtious dome lights will not come on when I open the doors, I've read the manual front to back, took it up to the dealership after checking any and all fuses related to the interior lights. The rocker shit h located on the left hand side of the steering column and this switch dims the dash lights and supposedly holding it down to the right for a moment will turn the curtious lights on, which I've tried numerous times. Decided to take it up to the local dealership service department and they tried to pull any codes if there was any and none were found, next they checked the "police mode which disables the lights completely, the service guy told me if there was a switch that had gone bad weather it was a door switch, rocker switch anything it would pulled up. I AM AT A TOTAL LOSS... it bugs the heck out of me having to turn the lights on every time to get me child in and out of his car seat. All the dome lights turn on when I push them in but will not shut off if I close the doors... someone, anyone.. PLEASE HELP, much will be appreciated. Hate to rack up a big service bill for something I could take care of. Thanks again!!!

My drivers side and passenger windows won't go down neither will my sun roof but my back right and back left windows go down ??

do i need to drop the the front differental and how do i do that which bolts tdo i pull to have it drop down without removing to much other stuff

They CV look different, old one is copper tip, newer one is ceramic tip. Also little tabs on wiring connector don't line up, need to cut off tips to slide in?

Got front end on kickstands and can turn the wheels with no effort. Fluid in reservoir is as clean as the day I put it in.

I have add break fluid so that is not the problem.

Where is the starter located on my f150 ford truck

I need to know the fuse location and number, so I can pull it. In order to disable the abs control module.

Fog up the windshield like it does if the heater core went out. I changed out the thermostat but it is still blowing cold air and the temperature gage doesnt move but a little bit. Its beencold here thinning between 5°f & 25°f.
Is it the climate control module or the heater blender door actuator?

when brake pedal is released the ABS light comes on

truck ran almost perfect for 4 or5 k miles then noticed a little hesitation on the road between45 and 65 like it was not getting enough gas. also noticed the oil pump gauge not working all of the time. Started sounding like it was hot and like a diesel with valves clattering. Did,nt know if it would go dead at red lights or not but did;nt Don,t want to burn it up if it is oil pump. Want to be sure what it is before I start guessing.what parts to change.Will some synthetic oil help to keep it going for now?

Question#2 the oil gauge is running high but whencheck oil it's full

Dash lights stay on when when you stop engine radio go on and off Here a clicking sound when engine is shut down only happen once and awhile have to unhook bat. so it will not run down

I can not use my heads. 5.4 triton with flex fuel

I have less than 2000 miles on the truck and the gears disappeared around 1200 miles.

Above the windshield before the sunglasses compartment is a button that says select and a window. This does not light up. Owners manual says it displays outside temp and compass direction