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My truck drives fine while in drive but as soon as i put in reverse it stalls completely.

Only mods are cold air intake & oil separator. Service engine soon light
came on a couple thousand miles after
oil change (5w20 HPS Royal Purple & correct K&N filter) . No leaks and runs great.

What do i do

Engine keeps dropping compression on cylinder 4, even after adding to brand new engines sane problem continues, also oil gets into intake! When removed spark plug on cylinder 4 it comes out white with a little of oil on it also. Any suggestions? This the third new engine and doing the same problem. 4 mechanics can't figure it out, also no check engine light comes on and scanners can't read anything on truck

This happens after washing truck or after rain

I've changed the fuel filter & the IAC valve , but atill no luck

We can not get any of it to come loose let alone remove. Anyone have any suggestions?

it goes thru the gears great but it wants to shudder when in overdrive
If i kick it down it picks right up but under slow acceleration shudders
could this be the shift control solenoid?

still able to shift to neutral when key is turned part way.

All 3 problems happened on the same day. Power point fuse was found blown, now replaced, no help. All fuses show good.

My son has a 2002 Ford Lightning and recently the engine has been shutting completely down while driving it...he lets it sit for 5 or 10 minutes and it starts up again and then dies after driving it for about 10 minutes...There is plenty of coolant in is not over heating...what could it be? The alternator?

I was told that that is what is sending an error code to the computer but was also told the check engine lights mainly have to do with engine problems, specifically the o2 sensor possibly?? Need to get it inspected of course, right when this happens....

its never missed a beat since ive owned it and last thursday i started it up to go home as soon as i put my foot on the throttle push down a little it just dies it will idle but up and down it feels like it could be a fuel problem any idears

truck stalled replaced filter and fuel relay then started to pump fuel out of front tank to back tank

Check engine light on and showing codes 170 and 171. Truck will crack some time and some time not just turns over. If you turn on ignition and wait 10 seconds or so it will crank perfect. Have changed out crank shaft censer, checked fuel presser, replaced starter, battery, PCM rebuilt tried jump over wires and it looks like it has gotten worse. Ford repair person has come to his end just does not know what to do now. Ford Motor Co. gave him some test to run but no good. Test equipment shows a drop in voltage to ignition when engine does not start. Was told this has been a problem with Lightning Trucks??? No where to go from here. HELP HELP HELP

When I first start the engine and it is in the closed loop warm up,where it idles a little high, it is okay. As the engine idle starts to go down it starts to idle rough like it has a high lift cam in it. Then all of sudden after a few minutes it does a short rev and starts to idle normal again. The time it takes to go through this process depend on how long it takes the engine to get to temp so the idle starts to drop. If i try to drive to truck before it goes through this whole process it tries to stall and I even get some popping or backfiring. I have replaced the Oxygen sensor,MAP sensor,vacuum lines,and EGR position sensor. Any advice would be helpful.

okay just bought a 2003 lightning runs fine at low speeds but when I got on the freeway put it under boost and it started cutting out and about 90-95 it acted like it was not getting fuel let off set cruise at 70 ran fine got 3 days to take back if its an easy fix prefer not to thanks

ran out of gas afew weeks ago,yeah,whatadumbass,2tanks!anyway how many fuel pumps do I have to replace? I've gone 100mi.rmore&RUNS GREAT,THEN ITS OFF/ON,BOTH TANKS,HELP ME OUT,I NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM ON ME,WITH SOME DIRECTION I CAN DO THIS.thanks,dumb-ass

Fan blade is cracked and needs replacing.

Truck was running fine just shut off with the smell of a a coil burning in cab.

I replaced fuel filter,ign.module cap rotor,wires,plugs,coil,and all the cats (4) It will start and run great but when I shut it off It wont start and then I have to wait for at least 2 hours and than it will start back up...Help!!!did not receive any trouble codes...

The alterator is fine, silinoid is fine. Have not tried an amp tester yet. Any advise where to start. I know a little but not alot.

When i start my truck it runs fine for about ten second. then the rpms ease down and it begins to sputter(in park and neutral)acting like it wants to die but in drive and reverse it runs great Whats causing this?

new calipers i squeezed the old ones with a c clamp quickly should nt have probably and bleeder screw was clogged rust.all new now.goes down the road striaght till i hit the brakes.abs light has come on and gone out.Tried to bleed them by myself i have no help.should i bleed both sides at same time.

i have a 2003 lightning. would it be alright to switch from royal purple to mobile 1?

My 2003 lightning has a high pitch whistling noise(sounds like a tea kettle) coming from behind the supercharger a little to the right. It only does it idling or when im at a steady speed but when I accelerate it stops. What could this be?