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New iac motor new fuel pumps not stock I think they are 340 pumps or 310 don't recall exactly , I don't hear fuel pumps kick on once key is turned to on position , so can it just be a relay or fuse but I check all fuses and they are good. Doesn't make sense.
Had fuel pumps replaced month ago, checked fuses all good, but how can I check the relays? Truck ran fine then shut down for 2 hrs and won't stay on, it tries to turn over but it just dies

i have 2001 f150 lightning 5.4 suppercharge my gas light came on i may have ran out gas it stoped running as i came up to light but it would not start so i put new starter in and it again just barley cranked the engine i can tack a screw driver turn the engine in revers by flywheel so it seems free but when i try to turn the engine in the direction to run it will not move at all ,oil new 102.000 miles and whats odd windows will not go up or down and radio comes on off on its own i checked fuss .i checked oil put gas in tank clean put good charge on battery clean cables on fire wall cables clean i fined it odd electric windows dont go up or down ,,,,when i put starter in it trys to turn the engine it gets hot as it trys to turn engine over .
Lil clicking and that's it. At stop light then went to about 40 and shut off while driving no steering no brakes.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? wont run or idle
How long have you had this problem? couple days
I can see steam coming out of exhaust pipe on acceleration
What's driving down the highway in the car tried to die I had to keep pedaling it to keep it running once I got to where I could stop it would only start and then die start and die wouldn't stay running
2004 ford lightning with 5.4 is making a burping sound out of air filter and intake
engine is making a burping boor sound out of the air intake filter
My truck drives fine while in drive but as soon as i put in reverse it stalls completely.
Only mods are cold air intake & oil separator. Service engine soon light
came on a couple thousand miles after
oil change (5w20 HPS Royal Purple & correct K&N filter) . No leaks and runs great.
What do i do
Engine keeps dropping compression on cylinder 4, even after adding to brand new engines sane problem continues, also oil gets into intake! When removed spark plug on cylinder 4 it comes out white with a little of oil on it also. Any suggestions? This the third new engine and doing the same problem. 4 mechanics can't figure it out, also no check engine light comes on and scanners can't read anything on truck
This happens after washing truck or after rain
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