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Replaced bad starter relay 2 months ago, then neutral position sensor 1 week ago. All was well for 4 days, now problem is back. If I wait 2 - 4 hours, truck will start. But now we are having 110+ weather, so problem is going to get worse?
Idles too low and some times it dies with AC on is there something more then the air mass sensor ?
I have a 04 ford f150 heritage xl automatic. Whenever I'm driving when first started up and come to a stop or low in rpms it makes a weird rattling noise coming from under the truck around the transmission however there is no slippage in any gears. Any ideas what it could be?
I have had this problem for a while i have repaced the wires and plugs, needed it. But didnt fix problem at all. what happens is i will be driving and have to stop for something car, light or such. when i do it starts to sputter like it wants to die. recently i took it from iowa to fla only problem was that and when wheel is turned sharp it cuts off and will not start untill i turn wheel back. am a little stuck on this, was thinking the idle needs fixed but things have changed on these newer cars. please help.
Its been checked with smoke and nothing. It runs great but when im on the hwy for awhile and push the peddle to the floor it just goes flat nothing no power. I changed the fuel filter, plugs and pcv hose it had a hole in it. I reset it and the light comes back in about 10 miles or so. Code 174 always comes on first to lean bank 2. Im lost help.
Reset and it comes back with in 15 to 20 miles. It was 1 and 2 now just 2.
Im not sure were to go with it now? The truck should run bad but it runs great. Ive reset the codes and any place from 15 to 100 miles I get the check eng lite again with the same codes P0171,P0174 lean bank 1 and 2.
or major repair?
like to know where they are front or back /passenger side or driver side when you are sitting in it.the codes are po171 and po174 both are system too lean bank 1 and bank 2 which ones are they and where are they located.front back left or right when sitting inside
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