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How much trouble to change fuel pump
Can be started by turning switch on and crossing celinoid switch,,Have replaced celinoid 3 times,,This is a recurring problem several time a day,, Makes no difference if vehicle is cold or hot,,Sometimes starts just fine with the switch ,,Sometimes nothing ,,No dash lights nothing,,Turn switch off wait a min.starts right up,,,Thanks guys
Anybody have a fix for this yet
I have been told that there is a hole next to the catalytic convertor and that it will cost $1,800.00 to repair.
Supposedly the shop welded the hole but it is worse.
I have yet to take it elsewhere for second opinion.

The sound started very light now unbearable.

Please note:I replaced the muffler system in April.

Thank you for your assistance.
are evident. I did lose heat once. What could this possibly be?
My oldest son bought a 94 ford explorer 4x4 four door. Normally I would simply say replace the wiper motor because it's burnt out. However when I got out there and went to look for myself I found that each time the wipers were turned on you would hear a clicking sound from under the passenger side dash. Any help would be great this is a new one to me and I don't want to have him buying all these parts he can't afford and doesn't need
also replaces the bolts torque
oil hand keep going up and down
Glove box only access. I will have to remove center council
to get at vacuum switch want to make sure this what needs
replacing. JLK

when I refuel it shoots back up after a while
started while driving
I've check fuses replaced brake light switch on peddle. I still have know brake lights and won't come out park unless I use override switch. I'm going to replace bsi hoping will correct both shifting and brake light problem. Thanks, Kriz
I just had a new alternator put on, now I hear this loud roaring sound in the front of the suv.
this happens when ever I try to drive the car can't drive 20 feet without abs light coming on along with airbag. brakes continue to grab not allowing to continue. the 4x4 comes on if I try to continue. Reverses with no problem.
SUspect fuse anyone know # or relay ? how can bench check
motor as I have it out
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