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After a cold night my explorer didn't want to start, it would turn but not turn over as if gas wasn't getting to the injectors. I left to work and when I returned I tried it again and it turned on fine with out trouble and its been turning on well ever since. Is this common after a cold night???
The temperature gauge just started going into red then I let off the accelerator an turned the hot air up an it goes down then some times it's fine others the air only helps keep it out the redzone but the gauge is going up an down when I hit the gas or let off
When in 2nd gear no problem
checked inertia switch,ok checked for spark,ok checked fuel pressure,ok turns over very easy but no start. can anyody please help
driving at 55 mph in 7 degree F. temperature my heater only blows cold air
Mostly occurs in cold weather, first starting vehicle and putting in reverse wants to stall out, then will surge back to normal RPMs. On a rare occasion will happen when first starting and putting in drive. Throttle body was a little carboned up, but I cleaned it all out and still doing it. Never litterally stalls, just acts like it wants to.
my oil light came on and now my engine wont turn over
it also use to go in 4x4 if the back tires would start to spin doesn't do that either anymore. its like a bought a 2wd explorer
my defrost is staying on full blast even when I push the off button all the lights go out as if its off but stays on full blast. and no matter if I put it on the floor, vents, ect... it stays on full blast. but I can control the heat temperature. I pulled the fuss out the only way to stop it from working.
I belive whatever holds ir in has beoken
25 amp fuse keeps blowing
was going about 65mph heard a pop sound and ABS light came on noise got louder and more consitsit npise stops when truck is in neutral also left rear wheel is very jerky when truck is rolling
every time I fuel up
can a collapsed lifter be repaired without disassembling the engine just passed smog no trouble codes just a noisy lifter
New alternator and battery. Fuses r good as well. Really nd help
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