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Bad ball joints.

Never had a problem with heater before. Now I don't get very much heat or no heat at all. I was told a vacume hose regulated the heater valve. Anyone know for sure? Thanks

How much is the manual labor on average to replace the 2 front wheel hub bearings?

I bought vehicle without checking if the heater worked. The A/C works fine. The heater blows cold air and I do have antifreeze.

my drivers side door hinge drops when i open it .how do i replace it?

my fog light fell out i would like to know how to replace it.

The rear wiper continues to run even when front and rear wipers are turned off. I've disconnected it for now and operate the front wipers but wiper fluid will not function (front or rear). What do I do?

when you try to close the drivers door it wont it bounces back most of the time you have to use your finger to push the metal latch up then try again can it be fixed?

the panel that shows the clock, radio etc is dark. We were told by a shop that it would be expensive for them to fix so we have been driving for some time with out it. How difficult would it be to change the bulb ourselves?

My heat isn't working. When I cut it on, I hear a click, click, click noise. The air is blowing but no heat seems to be coming out of the vents.

was just curious if a 98 ford explorer radiator would fit my 97 explorer? please email me at anthonyjblanchard@hotmail. com

my truck wont start. it just makes a clicking sound and the pcm fuse keeps blowing. any ideas?

How to repair the rear latch handle

my ford has 139.000 miles, and I am now having very rough engine driving. doesnt have as much acceleration going up inclines, there is noise in the engine. i have regular oil changes

Also having a problem with my power locks the hatch won't lock and also the drivers side only opens from the inside but the key pad works for now

I can feel every bump on the passenger side does this mean I need new controll arms

noisy cold or hot, in park or drive, not at idle, only under acceleratoin. Rattling noise only just started 7/11/2010 at 150,000klm

whenever i turn on the heat the heater only blows out cold air

where is the oil pan plug, is there a diagram

Now that winter is here my blower will only blow cold air. There is a "clicking" noise that come from under the dash. When I turn the Setting knob to cold it is quite--when I adjust it to a warmer setting it starts clicking. Any info on causes, how to repair and costs.

Since having my cam position sensor replaced in 2006 I have been plagued with codes p0171 & p0174, have changed out both oxygen sensors, pcv and all vacuum lines and still had p0171 & p0174 persist. 6000 miles ago I changed out the spark plugs and wires, I have now have code p0303. I changed out the MAF and reset codes now only have p0303 which came on immediately after I replaced the MAF, I am going to check the plugs do you have any other suggestions recomendations. Prior to the cam position sensor code I never had any problems since the dealer replaced the cam position sensor I have had continious check engine light code p0171 & p0174.

My Ford explorer is leaking antifreeze in top of the engine and couse steem. is it a water pump problem??

I could drive forward but not reverse

How to replace exterior door handle

i had the alternator changed cuz it died and ever since then it wont stay on. i start it and it dies rite away does this a few times and then itll stay on for a few mins. its alright after it warms up but is very slow n jus chugs along. cant get it up over like 15-20mph. no clue what it wrong wit it. tryed changing the fuel filter and that seemed to help a tiny bit but now my gas milage has gone WAY down. very confused at this. going to try and change spark plugs and wires. if anyone else has had this prob n has had figured it out plz let me know! thanks!

every time I turn on my heat, it is making a clicking sound and only blowing out cold air.

where is it EXACTLY

4x4 high and low lights flash 3 times when starting and nthen flash every 2 min while driving

when the explorer is running you can here a rattlin noise. with the motor off , you can stick your finger in the front of pulley, and fill something moving around. can this be repaired by replacing bolts.

The explorer will start and you can drive it, but then it will die. If you wait a few minutes it will start back up, but you have to wait if you try right after it dies it will not start. I replaced the fuel filter, and that did not fix the problem what should I check next.