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what kinds of a tool/tools r needed 2 replace a fuel filter????
My 98 ford explorer will only blow cold air conditioning when the radiator is low on antifreeze. I only know this because the radiator seal was broken and it constantly leaked, when it was full the air blew hot and when it was low the air blew cold. We had the radiator replaced today and it's blowing hot again. The condenser and compressor are only 2 years old and gauge says it's full of coolant.... what could this be?
Pulling to the right, after two alignments
steady beeping when back up
The compressor is not engaging?
There's no blockages between the overflow and radiator. Can't find were it's leaking from.
Not charging my phone from cigarette lighter part it was working think the fuse us blown
I have 2000 explorer with (after research im guessing is a 5r55e trans) about a week ago drive and reverse went with the motor revving high and you would move in reverse slowly with high revs but had enough to back up my inclined driveway. 1 & 2 worked perfectly fine for takeoff and turning on the o/d off button I was able to shift into drive once going...I could even turn o/d back on once I got to about 55 and it would drive fine. That worked for about 5 days and then while driving all gears went away and now nothing. I've searched and searched but cant find a clear answer as to what it may be (and I know its hard to diagnose over the net) but it seems like a very common issue with not alot of posted solutions. I assumed it was an internal tranny issue and started the process to remove it tonight and got to the transfer case being ready to drop out. First I dropped the trans pan and the oil was burnt (my fault) but there was not one metal shaving in there, only black material on perhaps the magnet which I took to be normal wearing clutch material? Tested resistance on all solenoids and all shift solenoids as well as EPC and TCC were within spec. Obviously I dont have the trans out yet but I am just asking for any and all thoughts and direction someone can provide as possible issues. I didnt know if it were possible that some internal gear could have broken but I would think I would see some metal and aside from the input shaft being snapped how could I lose all gears. I am no tranny expert so thanks in advance for any help.
Under 50MPH and local driving, can barely hear any odd noise. But once on the highway, you can hear humming, and slight vibration from front end. I can't tell if its the fan or the wheels or what. It's gotten more pronounced, but I drove about 80 miles on the highway a couple weeks back - other than the noise, truck drives fine, trans feels ok, engine ok. What is this noise?
Changed fuel pump changed plugged cleaned crank sensor cleaned injectors changed and checked fuzes and relayes I'm frustrated and not sure what else to do. It seem like injectors are not being initiated. Fuel get to engine. Spark is there.
had a ford code reader code was 513 powertrain control module
On when my 1996 ford explorer when moving at idle speed or less it is next to impossible to turn the wheels when trying to park. It runs great when on the road with no steering problems. The car has a new power steering pump. When the car is raised on a jack the wheels turn fine.
When engine is turned off, the dome light stays on for a long period of time, also, the dome light stays on while driving. Where is the dome light switch for a 1996 Ford explorer?
When I lock my vehicle, manually or with the FOB, My car alarm will go off.
When driving down the road my door ajar light comes on, and it is constatntly beeping. All the doors are shut tight.
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