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My fuse panel dnt tell me which fuse goes were and I ain't got power to my radio

I need to know what the problem is then I can try to fix it.

Tried 3 different oil filter wrenchs with no results then tried the screwdriver thing with no results. please help

My 2002 Ford Explorer won't go in Park. I have to turn the car off to get it to stop. Only goes in reverse. The gear shift is on the steering wheel. This happens every time I crank it up

Lite bulb out, how to change it?

I'm on here just looking to make sure there's no stupid other reasons for what seems like a alternator failure but aren't b4 I go grab one and put it in. The reason I have a small concern is it is intermittently working and when it does work it works perfectly. Goes from flat line on dash voltage meter to above half way instantly. Saturday night when leaving gas station I noticed the voltage notification and voltage meter dropping. I killed everything I could but my headlights and hopped on the highway and kept the RPM's as high as I could and made it home no problem with a few intermittent charges out of the alternator. Last night (Mon.)I went out for a short drive honestly I had forgotten about it. Hardly made it back home headlights super dim and as I pulled into my apartment complex the alternator kicked back on headlights dash lights got instantly bright and the gauge was right back where it's supposed to be. So I sat in the truck for about 10 minutes warming up because I didn't have the heat on prior to that and wanted to see what it would end up doing also I was trying to scan for codes but I was not getting any. Then all the sudden it stopped working and Battery started dying immediately. I shut the truck off and new the battery would come back to life overnight. I just went for another short drive probably even shorter within minutes the Volt meter on dash was bottomed out. But once again right before I pulled in my apartment it went on and stayed on for about five minutes so I took advantage and let it charge the battery as soon as it just stopped working I shut the truck down. I saw someone say this is a $300 alternator ? Find that hard to believe but if that's true I definitely want to rule out any other possibilities. It's definitely not the wire that is telling the voltage meter what to say because it's very obvious it's reading correctly. I have a pretty good understanding of basic mechanics like this. But with these new hours you could tell I'm older. It could be some stupid Center or something telling it to kick off possibly I don't know? But yes if you do have a alternator problem. Your driving distance is going to be very limited before the truck dies. Like other said power down everything possible. Like just now I had strictly basic headlights on no driving lights and that was it. That will get you farther and possibly home or to a safe place then if you kept driving lights on radio on heater air conditioner every little part helps. So if anybody has had a similar situation replace the alternator just to find out it wasn't the alternator please respond. My battery is new and these are Monster batteries I know it's not that.

Today, 3 weeks later Oil pressure gauge is at zero, and message center says "low oil pressure". Car seems to be running fine.

Crank. It does not have milky oil and it has oil in it and also has water in the radiator and the roads War the battery is fine and so is the starter so what could be the problem please help

fuel pump will not prime when vehicle is at normal operating temperature . Primes fine when vehicle is cold Checked fuse and swapped relay. Verified problem with pressure test gauge

What does it mean when the dash indicator showed charging system service now on a 2017 Ford explorer?

After driving my 98 explorer sport during the day i shut it off, come back, getin and start but will not start. 15-30 mins later she starts and drives.

It fell off

what is the cost to repair all the timing belts in vehicle?

I have replaced motor and fuses

reverse is ok wont go forward in drive the motor stopped running

when driving highway or local and when I bring to ford of course problem not there

Emmy's my truck starts and runs great it just I don't have no headlights blinkers tail lights and nothing I checked the fuses fuses is good I don't know what to do next I need help please

no power to radio

When at stop sign or stop light there is a dragging or rubbing sound that seems to be coming from the rear end

I can't find the drain plug for my 2013 Ford Explorer limited

When unlocking with remote or turning key on, hear repetitive series of clicks in dash area and then quits. Now I have a new clicking noise, just like a clock, when the heat/air is on and there is no heat. Can turn temp control all the way to "cool" and it stops, but starts again as you turn it towards "warm". No heat at all.

It will not release from the key holder.

40% of the time it will come out in my garage because there is a straight entry and slight bump in

4wd high is stuck can go into 4 low and back to high but not 2wd module clicks when going into low and from low back to high but not when going into 2 wd lights all work right any ideas if it's the module or shift motor on the transfer case

I just need more time to save money for repair but only truck I have to drive

cant get my horn to work. can you help please. ty,

my check engine light is on also when coming to a stop truck cut off then have to put in natural to start again and also when making a turn it will do the same

Noise when driving ???

ive checked all fuses and changed the module out still nothing

Replaced the starter. Went to try to start and won't start