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I Replaced my cruse control buttons and had to completely disconnect my battery. When we started it up again every thing worked fine. I'm now having an issue with my dash lights not staying lit. They flash on and off every 20 sec or so. Turn signal lights work. We hooked it up to check the computer and nothing shows up. Its been doing this for 150 miles with about 15 start ups
I have checked all doors & tailgate, they r closed, locks keep locking while driving, door ajar light comes on & off while driving, dome light won't shut off when lights on. Is there some kind of sensor for all these problems that need to b replaced? HELP Please!
Thanks Cathy
No leaking when in park, or neutral, only when in gear. Still functions correctly, as long as fluid lasts. No associated noise
Thermostat housing cracked, causing overheat. Replaced housing, but still have antifreeze pushed into overflow tank, until antifreeze level in engine too low, then just air bubbling into tank. Antifreeze low in engine, but not causing over heat. Could this be caused by a cracked manifold as indicated as a problem by others?
Truck runs fine. except no interior heat unless at faster speed to cause increased circulation.
Is it computer I checked wires all tight and good
replaced motor nothing all fuses and relays are good got 12 volts at motor any help greatly appreciated thanks
The engine runs great and no engine codes.
It will stall when you step on the brakes but not all the time .seems to do it more when you step on the brakes hard.
And did it once when I stepped on the brakes to shift out of park. Could this be a vacuum leak?
I can drive about 50 miles in the city and burn a 1/4 of a tank of gas. Great power and speed. Sometimes I think I have a ges leak(no smell), or it is evaporating from the fuel tank. What do you think?
I replace the spark plugs, a injector, I put a noid light to the injector and is firing and the spark plug wire Is firing and I run a compression test and is over 120 psi.i don't know what else to do. I need help thanks.

car just stopped running at a red light. tried to crank it back up but nothing happened. but i still had power for the radio and lights. the shop its at is saying its a main computer problem and wants to charge me 600-750$ for it. i just wanted to make sure that was the problem and there not just trying to hassle me or anything. all the help would be great thanks.
Occasionally when I start my 2003 Sport Trac 4x4 , it misses and shudders and sometime dies. It does not do this all the time though. It just started this recently and it has been Cold out. After it is warmed up , it does not do it.
How do I stop crooks from taking off with my car using the lost keys? How do I change the key code, ignition, locks so the crooks can't use the lost keys?
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