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2001 Sport Trac parked it one night and it wouldn't start after a few hours. Got a jump it started right up, but once I turned it off wouldn't crank again. It has a new starter and also a brand new battery. I found out why my cruise control stopped working, while investing possible causes for the loss of power.
once compressor shuts off it doesn't kick back in.
key fob was able to unlock all doors with a double tap on unlock and key into ignition gave normal ping on insertion and into the on position. upon attempting to start the engine it sounded as it it just started attempting to crank before full electrical power failure, no lights or power windows/locks function. all fuses are intact and appear good in-cab and under-hood. test of battery shows normal power levels, uncertain of what to attempt to self repair instead of taking vehicle into a mechanic. no noticeable electrical heat on easily visually assessed sections/connectors in wiring from battery to starter
Slams into reverse at times. Put truck on lift and you can feel and hear a rough noise coming from rear of transmission we're driveshaft connects to transmission
The 4th fan speed for the ac on my 2003 explorer sport trac is not working. I have replaced the blower motor resistor and the interior switch itself...along with the pigtail wiring with it and the 4th speed still doesnt work. 1-3 work perfectly fine, but now I'm lost as to what I should look at next?
This is a 2002 Ford sport explorer Trac 2 door hatchback. The battery was completely drained so I got a jump. Now even after a week of driving it still acts like it doesn't want to start. It has been shaking alot exspecially with the AC on. I also prior to all this noticed the engine shaking under the hood. And when I'm diving there is like a 3 to 5 second shouder now and then I can't explain plus the lights are kinda dim what could be going on?
Front pump seal on automatic trans.
its time to changes the shocks and struts on this truck . what is the best brand to buy? do I have to buy for front and rear struts.
I have 2001 ford explorer sport trac and when i go 20 miles a hour it hangs up i let of the gas and it goes ok then when i go 40 miles an hour the rpms go up and i let of the gas and then it is ok but it does not do it all the time and somebody told me it was a ground wire
The problem i am having is when i go 20 it wont shift i let of the gas and then it is ok and then when i go 40 the rmps will go up and i let of the gas then it will shift. But it does not do it all the time.and i have taken it to different shops one says it a sensor, one tells it is the 4th gear and one tells me it could be a ground wire, so i dont know what to do
Lean out at bottom just alittle
right side lights are out all the time. Front right turn signal is fine.
Wipers work, will not pump fluid. Reservoir is filled.
My 2005 6 cal Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 200,000 miles on the clock,has been diagnosed with timing chain problems. I have been advised to replace all 4 chains. I have not seen any oil spills under the engine or on the floor nor heard any other noise apart from the timing chain rattle. The quote is + - $3000.
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