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The problem I am having with my 2004 Ford Sport Trac is at night I can't see the control switches to my air/heat control knobs. Oh most vehicles they light up when you have your lights turned on. Please let me know. Thank you
My engine stalls when idling after it warms up. It will also stall when we sleep down or stop at a light or stop sign. We have replaced many parts. It doesn't have the power like it should. Not sure what else could be the problem, please help!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Idling or slow speeds, warm engine
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
We have changed MAF, spark plugs and wires, O2 sensors, fuel filter and tried fuel injector cleaner.

When you start it you have to hit the gas constantly or it will stall, you can't stop at res lights or stop signs without holding the brake and keeps the gas on also or it will stall. It starts right back up after it stalls. It runs fine once you get moving, it has some loss of power.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Stopping or driving at low speeds
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
I was wondering what sport trax means on ford sport trax
We have replaced spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, 02 sensors and the mass air flow sensor. It idles rough or sometimes won't idle at all. It will stall if you don't keep gas on. It sputters a lot. After replacing the mass air flow sensor we now have an air intake code showing up. What could cause the truck to lose power on hills?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Runs fine on flat inclines make it worse
How long have you had this problem? About 2 months
Want to switch hoods
All my gauges quit my radio quits my windows won't roll up and down it lasted sometimes a couple minutes sometimes it's a couple hours but then they'll start working again then sometimes they work for a few minutes and sometimes they work for a couple hours can you help me
the solid circuit is broken. How should the lights be wired.
Rpm gauge not working at all
It has some play in the shifter lever and rolls or slips in park some times
it won't start all the time in park but will start in neutral.
this is an automatic 4x4
on occasion, all of a sudden the engine will not exceed 3000 rpm and the vehicle will not go above 30 mph and will begin to buck and sputter. already installed new plugs and wires. runs ok under 3000 rpm then will suddenly start working ok again. very scary on the highway when this happens.
I had a head job done about 3 years ago. A few months back truck started running bad would barely go almost as if cat. Converter was stopped up. Codes po300 po301 po303 po305 came up. So i took those 3 spark plugs out. They had alot of carbon build up on them so i cleaned them like new put back in codes went off. I drove for a month no problems then same thing again. So i cleaned put back in it ran worse than ever so i changed coil pack still the same. I carried to a mechanic. He is tryn to tell me it has blown head gasket again but it doesnt run hot or use water and oil or water wasnt on plugs neither was any fuel. I feel like he is trying to fuck me over. I know that only reason these codes should come up is because #1 to much or not enough air #2 not enuff fire #3 not enough or to much fuel.. has anyone had this problem with your 07 sport trac 4.0L? And how did you get it fixed? Ive had nothing but problem with this piece of shit ill never buy another ford their junk!!
Nothing happens when it goes from Neutral to Drive or Reverse. It is like it does not engage. It has a dip stick. Where is the fill cap located?
First time I had lights and radio and now it's just dead
engaged. What would be the most likely problem
My 2002 ford explorer sport trac is given only10 miles per gallon and before it was like 18.5 a mile and this hapen after a spark and cables change any ideas
Replace cruise control switch. Need labor price only as I have the new switches.
had alternator show was not charging correctly then cleared up. bearing noise. so after showing charge correctly took a drive to charge battery. then went to store pulled in to park. at park just died and can not start again. took negative battery off to clear any codes still will not start. n
I saw video online of a guy replacing cruise control switch in 2005 Explorer Sport Trac and now can't find it. He pulled the whole steering wheel off with bag inside and did it easily in 10 minutes. Now I can't find it again. It has to be 2005...nothing else. '04 is different. Help please!
code 0340 camshaft position sensor bank 1 changed sensor shut light off came back after two days
I turn the key over it doesn't do anything the battery has fire to it I'm wondering if it's the starter
my truck has had the CEL on for a while but seemed to run ok, until last week, it started to shake and trying to die while being driven, mechanic said it was due to the #2 plug not burning all the fuel and it was dumping into the catalytic converter, so I started changing them out, first the drivers side, I started it to ensure all plug wires were on, all ok on that side, changed plugs 1&2 on passenger side and the truck runs rough, and I see ford used 2 different numbered plugs, would this be my problem, and if so what plug numbers do I use? I'm using Autolite APP103 to replace Motorcraft AGRF 22P & 22PG are these the right plugs?
Have already changed out the two larger blues, and replaced the fuse,...they still don't work, what else can it be?
the 4 wheel work after it warm up
left the truck sitting for about four months
the rack & pinion on my 2004 explorer sport trac is what they told me needs to be replaced on my vehicle a friend has offered me the rack & pinion from a 2002 ford explorer sport trac if I wanted it so before I ask him to go through the trouble of removing it from that model I wanted to inquire if it was a compatible fit for my year model 2004?
The switch has 1- 4 only blows on nr 4
could it be intake gasket
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