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When I acelerate my adrenalin v8 2010 the a/c stops blowing from the front vents and change to the defrost and the legs.Every time I acelerate I hear like a vacc noise on the passenger side.My sportrac has 2,090 miles right now,it is new
need to remove engine
Motor turns over until key is in off position,no start
Sometimes shutting the car off and restarting it will result in dash lights, but nit always. No pattern to why or when they dont come on.
05 sport Trac 2wd passenger side control arm won't fit in the rear mount. Driver side went no problem. Need an answer asap.
I am told you have to remove the intake manifold to replace the rear freeze plug, or drop the , or remove the engine. we pressurized the cooling the cooling system and steam started coming up between the engine and the fire wall.
My current engine has 209,000 miles. I do regular oil changes every 5,000 miles using Valvoline Maxlife (part synthetic, part regular) 5W30. I have the normal front timing change rattle at cold start, otherwise, the engine is "smooth." Given the cost of replacing the timing chains, is it better to install a remanufactured engine with warranty? I plan on keeping the vehicle. Thank you.
2003 Ford Explorer sport trac. Accelerates fine thru all the gears but when I reach a cruising speed of 45ish my rpms drop to about 1500 and I can't slowly increase speed, ets a little jumpy and won't move unless i take my foot off the gas and then continue with accelerating from there. What she mynpossible problems? Just had serpentine belt at valve cover
This started last year, I replaced the thermostat and housing, also the water pump. Runs perfect in warm and hot weather. Seems like the thermostat is frozen shut, what could be the issue?
There are no noises it says it's in four wheel drive but it's not and I can't get it in four wheel drive
when starting cold, birdy screech, after 30 seconds it goes away. happens every day about a month, no other signs of problems
This is on my 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and seems to occur when accelerating or going up a hill. The vehicle seems to hesitate, run sluggish, and sometimes it feels like going over a rumple strip.
would like to buy sirius replacement radio for my 2007 explorer sport track limited.
where do i locate radio info i.d. to make sure I get right replacement?
Starter replacement
I have a 2003 ford explorer sport track with the 4.0. i paid a mechanic a lot of money to rebuild it several months ago and it has ran good till now. the engine only has 8,500 miles on it and i was driving it the other day when it suddenly went to missing. it never made any kind of noises at all. I replaced the coil, plugs and wires and its still missing on cylinders 4,5 and 6. when I took those 3 plugs out they were soaked with fuel. I performed a compression test and cylinders 4, 5 and 6 had 55, 70 and 90 pounds of compression. Cylinder 1 had 175 pounds. what could cause this?
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