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I have a 98 ford expedition I just changed the radiator, the oil and oil filter, and now its cutting off when I stop at a red light is that the starter or what could cause is to cut off.

and forth between normal temperature and dropping to cold

An engine loses power

I take the car in about every 6 months but I dont know if this is often enough for a 20 year old car.

I only get 12 MPG and want to increase that number.

I can almost always hear the engine from inside the car when I am driving

My Expedition takes off in first second but if you let off the gas pedal it feels like it goes in neutral when you step on the gas it slams back in gear could that be the sensors or is my transmission just going out

While driving the rpms go up and it accelerates on its own. But once you put it in 2nd gear it wont so it. What can be the problem?

Can you help also getting an and signal

I have code P 0345 & P0349 in a expedition 2006, i replace both cam sensor and check wiring harness and everything is ok. pcm it´s ok too. somebody help me?. thank you.

I do pull over right away when overheating and turn off. When cooled down, I slowly take off cap and then antifreeze comes out and I replace it. Can usually drive all day with nothing else happening! Service Engine Soon light stays ON. Battery light is flickering on and off (not all the time).

not getting any voltage on #1 pin on electrical connector on coil pack on right side of motor

We have had the vehicle into the mechanic several times. They have walked through the vehicle wire by wire and reset the computer but it continues. When everything is reset the vehicle usually runs a day or two with no problems, then the issues re-occur.

I closed it one day tried to open it a few days later and it would not open at all. Not even with the key. Or with the witch on the driver's
door. I called the Ford dealership here in Hattiesburg and they wanted $90.00 just to look at it.

Tried new ignition switch. No change. What's wrong?

I changed the alternator and the battery in my 2001 expedition and I still can't get it to crank or have any power to it!

crank up the truck in o/d light comes on then it will ill up for a min

Un-commanded TCC apply on the 1-2 shift causing perception of hesitation and/or lack of power during shift until you reach 15 to 20 miles an hour. Then it takes off!

NCAL getting quotes over $1100!!

For real?

It bought the car used at 163k miles and around 165500 miles I ran into this problem. It started out with engine hesitation as I turned into the highway entrance, slowed down to 20mph and the oil pressure light came on and the gauge went up and down erratically! I drove to the next exit with flashers on, it picked up little power but then I heared a knock and turned it off as soon as I pulled in a parking lot. I was able to drive it home at night (5 miles). I noticed the same thing happen if I drove over 6 miles or until the engine warmed up!!! I had the oil and filter and air filter changed, I paid $99 to have it diagnosed at Firestone and they found nothing and said it might be the Oil pump or some internal engine work needed which they cannot perform. I called Friendly ford and to my surprise they would not repair their own vehicle, my model and year and they refer them out! I had a MECHANIC look into it and told me the oil pump was already replaced and the sensors and oil take were fine!!! My car still stalls and has this issue, what Could it be that causes this problem? Help!!!

My truck is jerking very badly what is wrong

The sound lasts for about 10 seconds and goes away. Occasionally it will happen when driving, but always when it is started.

Ford has serviced the vehicle some 13 times since new last year. Their engineering says that this is normal. However, it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to cool the cabin. Please help. All levels and pressures are correct.

I recently got smashed into a wall on the freeway and I cracked my rim so I puput the spare on which is a little larger than the other tires and now when I drive it makes a click click click click sound if I'm going under 35 also sometimes when I hit the brake it gives me just an immense amount of resistance and it's hard to stop what's wrong what's going on can somebody help

My mechanic changed the shocks inside the air bags. He also replaced the air compressor. He did NOT disable the air suspension system before doing so. Now the compressor runs but nothing pumps up. Please help.

There was intermittent flickering of the lights, instrument panel and door buzzer. There was clicking when I tried to start the engine. With the key on I could not get it to shift to neutral. This just happened this morning. The vehicle was used last night.

Been reading blogs that suggest withering harness. Others mention they have changed both the battery and altenator and had no resolution.

Cord pack.4 has been replaced right along with the sparkplug but now its reading cord pack 4 again. I have already changed 4 more wit the plugs along with cord pack 4. A few weeks ago it stated I had multiple misfires after cord pack 4 with the spark plug got replaced. My truck drives like it's not picking up.speed when the air is on. And it cuts off wen running the air. Every so often without the air running. I can remember a mechanic changing a hose under my hood but a friend stated that it was the wrong size..don't want to have to purchase another vehicle if its not costly but don't want to keep it if its sudden to quit.