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Can I pull the engine out of a 2006 Ford Expedition through the engine compartment or do I have to remove the body from the frame to pull the motor out
I replaced the blower resistor and harness. It blew cold air front and back, except on high fan speed, front stopped. Now it stopped blowing cold air anywhere only hot, but still stops on High. Checked for EATC errors and none. Doesn't seem to be freon related.
Already used a 7mm to small
Shuts off after I drive it for an hour, I have to stop and turn off the car and start back up. And the check gage light pops up
It loose power when backing up and shut off
stalls at a stop, check engine light on
need to know how long it would take to replace the engine
Truck stalls when put in reverse and cuts off drives perfect
It stalls out and cuts off when put in reverse
Truck will not release out of park and brake lights don't work. Play with seloinoid on brake pedal, will release some time.
power seats, fan blower motor, 4 wheel drive, back- up camera dont work. radio wont turn off with vehicle power is off, have to hit the off button to turn off. I check all the fuses, all good. is there a relay or somthing that controls all this?
The engine is now making a rattling noise when started and when driving. what could of caused that. the dipstick has been put back in all the way. Could that have caused the engine problem? Is it ok to drive or should i have it serviced?
A message comes up on the Navigation screen that says "turning power off to save battery"
Last summer my truck had numerous moments when it all of a sudden wouldn't start. Sometimes it would go weeks without doing it, and then all of a sudden would do it a few times in a week. It would always turn over, just never start. Usually it would take 15-30 minutes of waiting and then it would turn over no problem. I had the fuel pump replaced before winter and went 9 months with only one incident, in which it started a few seconds later.
Unfortunately it happened yet again the other day and would not start for like 40 minutes. Is there something temperature related that could be helping cause this issue? Any ideas on things to check?? Unfortunately it never happens at the shop so it can not be tested and there are no diagnostic codes.
Front tires is stopping when turning and 4wd drive light is on..
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