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The engine light came on and the truck ran rough we read the code and it said it was the camshaft acutator. The truck runs fine now. What is this and should we have the trucks actuator replaced? Thank you!!!!

cost to istall starter in 97 ford expedtion

pluged it off. wont run unless its plugged off need diagram of vaccum hoses please

I drove to the library (only 5 miles away). The check engine light came on and the temperature gauge pegged red. Two other warning lights came on: Reduced engine power & High Temperature/Low Oil. I got the codes pulled at Autozone. They read P1299. The AZ rep told me that I could probably replace the Cylinder head temp sensor myself. Thought I'd ask here first.

Compressor is not running.

I also smell exhaust

it not skipping when in neutral but when you engage to drive or reverse the car barely moves I dont hear no metal on metal noise and the transmission isn't slipping I want to know some causes of this?

I have a 2004 ford expedition. Am having problems with passenger front brake caliper sticking. Over the past 3 months Ive replaced the caliper, pads (driver and passenger), brake hose (passenger). Drove fine for a while and the heavy brake dust on passenger front again and steering wheel shaked. Replaced a cracked/warped rotor and new brake pads, AGAIN. Drove for a couple days and now caliper sticking again and wheel pulls to the right. Next option would be to take off caliper and try lubing up all moving parts like the slide pins. What about the pistons? How do I lube them up? There is a grease zirt on the caliper should i try to grease it? What kind of grease/lube?

My windows wont roll down, I can not shift it out of park, and the dome lights wont come on. What fuse and/or relay could be the problem and where is it located.

Control knob allows air/heat to blow on high setting but does not work on medium or other settings, only on "high".

my husband replaced the power steering pump, but he cannot get the power steering pump pressure hose to clamp back on tightly..what are we doing wrong???

just looking to get an estimate , for replacing rear brake lines. Left side ???

when Exp is running there is a rythmic thumping like someone patting a drum coming from the right rear panel above the tire. Also the check engine light is on.

I have changed the fuse and the bulb for both. Any suggestions before I bring it in.

How do you change the oil pan of the 2002 Ford Expedition? Would you have to take the transmition to get it out?

How do take the oil pan of a 2002 Ford Expedition? Do you need to remove the transmition?

power steering leak coming from above trams, is there a line that far back? can not see where because there is very little clearence.

i just replaced the transfer case and cleared de clunking noise..found new problem at rear diferential it haves some play at slip yoke ..i was told its outer and inner bearings that are bad ..the first few miles after replacing tranfer case it was clunking very little now its quiet even when i really step on it..its seems normal. i think da shop wanted extra work..not sure it still haves play is that normal?

do i have to remove the intake on a 2002 expedition to get to the back spark plugs 5.4L v8 engine

p1000 code. whats the problem

I added apporx. two and a half cans of 134 . but the compressor is not coming on. Any ideas or other steps I need to take?

Won't idle after it gets warm.Will crank but won't keep running.

i checked and cleaned all doorlocks with wd40?do i check a fuse

my hood latch will not latch on to hood

is it posible to clean maf sensor with throttle cleaner im trying to fix my rough idle

The radiator is contamineted with motor oil, but the oil pan doe not have oil in. what could be the couse for that?
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my radio is not getting any power...

My air worked fine. I changed the heater core out due to a leak. After assembly, the front only blows hot air, whether on hot or cold. Compressor is comming on. The black box under the passenger side dash gets cool/cold. The rear A/C works.

when i start my suv i get a cloud of blueis white smoke. also i hear a whinning sound when i get out on the highway

i was told by 2 shops that my transfer case is bad ...i hear loud clunking on 4 low and on all wheel drive its not as loud when start to drive..if i take off the front drive shaft and clinking goes away can it be that front differential is bad?? one shop told me its my front difftial