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Just had new battery put in and used alternator which was just tested and told was working fine. Tonight check system charge came up on dash. Now battery is completely drained. What could be wrong and is it an expensive fix? Thank you in advance
I currently have a 6 CD changer stereo in my Ford Expedition 2005 Eddie Bauer want to know if a 2007 2 2009 GPS stereo what plug and play into the 2005 Ford Expedition I understand already the dashboard will not fit correctly but it's not part of my question
The truck what wire could cause this issue?
The check engine light came on for the first time tonight, the truck is stuck in park. The auto lights don't work, headlights, brake lights,work and the truck starts.
It take 10 to 20 minutes to fill.
The car is running good during winter season, but during summer I keep having this overheating issue, although I did flushed & cleaned the radiator and changed all upper & lower hoses and intake water elbow and still overheating. I have no oil leak from header seals. I have changed the fan clutch a year ago. Do I have to change it again or change the radiator with the thermostat and water pump to eliminate this overheating problem for good. Please advise what I have to do to solve this problem..??
how do i check the mega fuse
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